Ahmad Urabi pasha

Ahmad Urabi pasha (* 1. April 1841; † 21. September 1911), Arab: أحمدعرابي also Arabi pasha or Urabi pasha mentioned, was an Egyptian officer and leader of the Urabi movement.

Ahmad Urabi Pascha
Ahmad Urabi pasha

Arabi pasha comes of to a rich Egyptian family. It occurred the army and reached already at the age of 20 the rank of a lieutenant colonel.

In the autumn 1881, as after the financial ruin of Egypt under the Khediven Ismail pasha the country under international financial control came it turned out to unrests in the country. Thereupon the new Khedive Tawfiq had to dismiss its prime minister Riaz pasha. In February 1882 appointed the war Minister Arabi pasha demanded the abolishment of the European financial control. Arabi pasha actually tore the force, proclaimed themselves to the head of the national party and provoked the people in such a way against the strangers up that it 11. June in Alexandria to bloody excesses against these came.

At the 11. British warships fired at July 1882 thereupon Alexandria. In September British troops landed under general Wolseley in Egypt, in order to strike down the rebellion. To 13. September was struck the army Arabi pashas in the battle of Tel el Kebir and it was imprisoned taken. Arabi pasha was condemned by the Egyptian government to death, but banished on urge of the British after Ceylon. Only to 8. October 1901 could return Arabi pasha to nearly twenty-year-old banishing with permission of the British government from the exile.

There Egypt after striking down the Urabi movement into a quasi colonial dependence came Arabi pasha later than Patriot was celebrated.


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