Ahmad of Denffer

Ahmad of Denffer (* 1949) is a German Islam scientist and translator gone over to the Islam. It originates from a Baltic family.

personal record

from 1972 to 1978 it studied Islam science and people customer in Mainz, from 1978 to 1984 was it scientific coworker „of the Islamic Foundation “in Leicester (England). Since 1984 he is an adviser for German-language affairs of the Islamic center Munich and publisher of the magazine „aluminum Islam “.

1984 it became initial member „internationally of the Islamic Charitable Foundation “in Kuwait. 1986 to 1988 and since 1993 he is again a chairman of „Muslims helps registered association “, since 1995 also trustee of „Muslim Aid international “in London. To 4. June 2005 he was selected into the Schura advice of the Islamic center Munich. From Denffer 1996 published a German-language Koranübersetzung and numerous books published.


sees from Denffer in the Islam a peaceful religion and translates the word Islam with peace making (Islam = Salam), but it aims at at the same time an Islamic society also into Germany. Likewise it determines Germans in a contribution for the Islamic community in Germany for the question of the compatibility of the right with the Schariain different areas an incompatability , which is hardly to be dissolved, particularly within „the range role of the woman “. In an interview with the magazine he means the Gazette: „ If the majority of humans in this society itself in addition [read: to the Scharia] decide, then one should that accept and them the possibility give of arranging their society accordingly [the principles of the Islamic right] “. From Denffer the liberty of the worship in the Islamic countries, contrary to Germany, for unrestricted holds. It commentated aluminium-Qaradawis praise of Palestinian „martyr operations neutrally and without valuation.

By such views from Denffer was noticeable to the South German protection of the constitution authorities critically. The separation from state and religion, the freedom of religion and the principle of equality are questioned by it. Its contacts are put in addition by Denffer to subsidiary organizations the Muslim brother shank to the load.

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