Ahmed Abdallah

Ahmed Abdallah (* 12. June 1918 on the Comoros - island Anjouan; † 26. November 1989) was a president of the Comoros.

Ahmed Abdallah originated from Arab family and was after the attendance of the elementary school worker of the colonization and administration company for colonies Bambao. After it had ascended by large diligence and business skill, it became early politically active.

1959 became Ahmed Abdallah senator for the Comoros in Paris. Later he became a head of the government of the territory government and used themselves for the independence from France , without breaking however co-operation off with this. It wanted to retain the unit of the archipelago. After the proclamation of independence Ahmed Abdallah became in July 1975 president of the Comoros, but became it already at the 3. August by Ali Soilih fallen.

1989 were murdered Ahmed Abdallah under co-operation by Bob Denard.


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