Ahmet Necdet Sezer

Ahmet Necdet Sezer [ɑhˈmɛtˈnɛdʒdɛtˈsɛzɛr] (* 13. September 1941 in Afyon) is since 2000 a president of Turkey.

Sezer attained a doctorate at the legal faculty of Ankara and became thereafter a judge. Starting from 1983 it was active at the Kassationshofand 1988 were appointed by the president at that time general Kenan Evren to the constitutional court, whose chairman became he 1998. After it to 5. May 2000 in the third ballot selected by the parliament was, became it to 16. May 2000 as successors of Süleyman Demirel as 10. Presidentsworn in.

Sezer is a first Turkish president, who was neither a parliamentarian, still from the army comes.

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