Aida (opera)

Aida is written an opera in four documents by Giuseppe Verdi to a libretto of Antonio Ghislanzoni, after a scenario of Augusts Mariette Bey.

Giuseppe Verdi (1886)

against again and again the arising legend was given the opera neither on the occasion of the opening of the Sueskanals to 1869 still the new opera house in Cairo, which was connected with it, in order (the opera house was opened with this Rigoletto).

Verdi wrote in a letter to its friend Giuseppe Piroli to 16. July 1870:

An opera for Cairo compose!!! Puh! I do not go to produce it because I would have to be afraid, there to be mummified. I must say you however that the contract is not yet signed. But there my conditions - and those were hard - accepted are telegraphic, can one him final consider. If someone had said to me before two years, “you as Cairo to write”, I for a crazy person would have regarded him, but I see now that I am the crazy person.

In order to be able to visit Paris, the renowned second hand bookseller and advisory Ägyptologe of the Louvre living in Cairo came Augusts Mariette Bey on the idea, this former dear savingists and manager that Paris Opéra Comique Camille you Locle the draft of a Opernszenars to send. It wanted for it only a letter to the Khediven of Egypt, Ismael pasha, in whom its presence in Paris was wished.

The Khedive gave its own opera in excluding Egyptian style for the new theatre in order in consequence. Although Verdi had already finished its composition in November 1870, the premiere could do only to 24. Decembers 1871 in Cairo take place, there the costumes and Requisiten due to the French-German war (1870-1871) in of Prussia besieged Paris were enclosed.

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scene of the opera is Egypt at present the Pharaonen. The title figure Aida is a nubian princess, who was kidnapped to Egypt into the slavery. The army leader Radames must decide between his love for Aida and its loyalty the Pharao opposite and/or. the wedding with Amneris, the daughter of the Pharaos.

first act

Aida is daughter of the nubian king. It lives as a slave at the Egyptian yard and is fulfilled from deep love to Radames. When the Nubier penetrates to Egypt, in order to release Aida, Radames is to lead the Egyptian army in the campaign against the Äthiopier. This is confident to marry after the campaign Aida. Amneris, the self-confident daughter of the Ägypterpharaos, loves the field gentleman likewise. Radames disengages after a solemn ceremony with the troops. Aida is and clever between the love for their country and for Radames.

second act

the Egyptian army triumphed. Amneris tells Aida before the solemn receipt of the Radames that this is fallen in the battle. Aida reveals on it its feelings for the field gentleman to the Egyptian princess. Amneris recognizes now Aida as its Rivalin. It instructs it to accompany it as a slave to the lining up victory celebration. The king of Egypt receives Radames and his troops before the gates Thebens solemnly. He instructs, those in the war catches Äthiopier to demonstrate. One the prisoners is Amonastro, the äthiopische king and Aidas father. It spends itself in Theben as Unterführer and describes the alleged death of the äthiopischen king. Amonastro like also Radames ask for the release of the prisoners. The upper priest any longer the prisoners cannot extract themselves and leave Ramphis like also the king from these requests freely. Only Amonastro as speakers of the prisoners and Aida as a daughter of the äthiopischen king are to be retained as hostages. As wages for its successful campaign Radames is the king its daughter Amneris when desired to marry and after its death king of Egypt become.

third act

on the Nile bank. It is night. In the background the Isistempel rises. Ramphis leads Amneris to the temple, into which her at the night before her wedding to the goddess Isis wants to pray. Secretly here Aida waits for Radames. But their father appears before. It wants to induce its daughter to draw from Radames the secret which way the Egyptian troops would hit, in order in Ethiopia to break in. But although you call the father with moving words the far homeland in memory, the daughter opposes it. In the meantime Radames comes, and Amonasro must hide itself. Aida asks the loving to flee with it from Egypt. Perhaps know it a secret path, which was not guarded by the Egyptian troops. There calls their Radames, which does not suspect that he is belauscht, the Napataschlucht; Triumphierend steps now Amonasro from its hidden out and gives themselves as a king of the Äthiopier to recognize. Radames recognizes the fact that he inadvertently its native country betrayed and thereby entehrt itself. There Amneris from the temple steps out and calls “betrayal!”. Amonasro falls itself on it, in order to stab it, but in between the blood act steps and prevents Radames. It rejects it however to flee with Aida and their father. Then it hands its sword to the here-hasty Ramphis and can without resistance be taken prisoner. In the meantime Amonasro succeeded to escape with its daughter Aida.

fourth act

1.Szene: Before the doors of the court in the royal palace. Hall in palace Pharaos, from which a course leads into the court room, another into the prison, in which Radames is kept imprisoned. Amneris despaired, between rage, pain and love and torn. It would like to save Radames and lets it demonstrate. It swears to it in vain to defend itself before the court of the priests in order to save its life. Radames however sees no more sense in a life without Aida, which he believes killed by Amneris. Thereupon Amneris that Amonasro is fallen, reports Aida however flee could and alive is. She promises Radames the life, the throne and their love, if he does without Aida. Radames is however to death decided and returns to its underground prison. Invisibly one hears the accusation of the priests and hears the threefold silence Radames'. It will condemned in the areas under the altar of the goddess to be alive buried.

2.Szene: A temple with a crypt. While Radames is immured in an underground Gewölbe, he hopes that Aida is in the meantime in Ethiopia in security. After the last stone found its place, Radames hears a sigh, sees a shade and recognizes Aida. Aida crept with daybreak into the crypt, in order to die with it. The two loving together take calmly and make a sea protest parting from this “valley of the tears”, while in the temple priest inside sing above and Anmeris prays mourning to Isis, Radames' soul may in peace peace find.

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