Air Canada

Air Canada
Air Canada Airbus A340-300
establishment: 1964
IATA - Code: AC
I.C.A.O. - Code: ACA
call signal: Air Canada
seat: Montréal, Canada
firm structure:
Alliance: Star Alliance
fleet strength: 240
goals: national and international goals

air Canada is the largest airline in Canada.

Air Canada is considered as one of the safest international airlines and is one of the largest societies in the range air freight. At approximately 150 destinations daily on the average 630 flights are completed. The conversion of the airline amounted to in the year 2003 8.4 billion Canadian dollar. The airline is member in the star Alliance.


Das Logo von Air Canada
the Logo of air Canada

Trans Canada airlines (TCA), the forerunner of air Canada, completed its first flight at the 1. September 1937. The flight in a Lockheed 10A von Vancouver after Seattle took 50 minutes and had two passengers and post office on board. 1964 were renamed TCA the national airline of Canada and in air Canada. 1989 took place the complete privatisation. In the year 2000 the society of Canada bought second largest airline, Canadian airlines international. At the beginning of of 2000 assumption of Canadian airlines. Co-operation with: Star Alliance; Air Jamaica, Alitalia, Eva Airways, Korean air LINEs, Royal Jordanian, air Alliance (08/2001)


air Canada and its subsidiary company, the regional airline air Canada jazz, operate together 304 airplanes (source: Air Canada, conditions: 31. May 2005):


air Canada Boeing 767-300


  • 18 Boeing 777 -300ER (order 25. April 2005, for supply starting from 2006)
  • 18 Boeing 777-200LR, 777F, 777-300ER (25. 4 2005, options)
  • 14 Boeing 787 (order 25. April 2005, for supply starting from 2010 and 46 options)

these orders were cancelled, since the management could not agree with the personnel. Meanwhile air Canada could agree with the pilots. The airplanes are probably soon ordered.

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