Air India

Air India
establishment: 1932
IATA - Code: AI
I.C.A.O. - Code: AIC
call signal: Air India
seat: Mumbai, India
firm structure:
Fleet strength: 40 (+ 51 orders)
goals: National and international goals

air India Limited is international one of the two state-own airlines of India.

Homeland airport of the airline is international the Chhatrapati Shivaji air haven in Mumbai, India. “Air India” approaches 25 international airports.

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firm history

air India was created from the community by Indian businessmen, in former times actively in the airline Tata airlines, in the year 1932 in Mumbai (Bombay). Later the air traffic expanded already five years national airports approached from so far excluding in India on Iran, the Iraq and further states. 1948 formed then the air India international, with which both British and Canadian airports could be approached. Further states followed in the next 20 years, however also replacements took place like the station Aden in Yemen by Rome on the way to London.

1951 were added France with the airport Paris . 1953 one introduced then Germany with the first station Duesseldorf. Only about 20 years later followed Frankfurt/Main and than first US-American airport new Yorks John F. Kennedy internationally air haven. From 1978 to 1985 there was three flight generation gap, the airline received large attention with the notice of 23. June 1985, when a bomb exploded on board Boeing 747 on the way from Montreal to London about 180 kilometers to the west of Ireland.

Into the 1990er-Jahren the airline recovered and signed in October 2001 Codeshareveträge with Lufthansa, Thai Airways and Silk air: with Lufthansa three of/after Mumbai and four of/after Delhi, with Thai Airways of three flights the week of Mumbai to Bangkok and back, with Silk air of two flights from Kochi to Singapore and back. In the year 2002 air India with Kuwait airlines a code shedding contract were received, and the Newark Liberty air haven became international beside New York and Chicago third approached airport in the USA. This connection runs from Mumbai over Paris after Newark with regularly used Boeing 747. In December 2002 air India got the Rhine Main airport in Frankfurt after 10 years again to the program, thus the route Mumbai Delhi Frankfurt was again introduced. In June 2004 then the route Delhi Frankfurt lot Angeles was added, that of Los Angeles internationally air haven was thus fourth station in the USA. The route is used by air India five times the week. The flight from Frankfurt to Los Angeles takes about eleven hours. In March 2005 air India express, was created a cheap airline, as subsidiary. In the same month the daily approach was introduced from Frankfurt from all four airports in the USA.

Headquarters of the air India in Mumbai

to 26. April 2005 took place a large order (50 machines) at Boeing by means of 8 Boeing 777-200LR, 15 Boeing 777-300ER and 27 Boeing 787-800 in the total volume from 6,9 Mrd.US $ for the supply from 2006 to 2015.

approached airports


  • Daressalam internationally air haven, Daressalam, Tanzania
  • Dakar internationally air haven, Dakar, Senegal
  • Nairobi internationally air haven, Nairobi, Kenya
  • haven Louis internationally air haven, haven Louis, of Mauritius



North America

(conditions: November 2005)
AirbusA310-300 - 21 machines

Boeing 747-400

- 12 machines

Boeing 747-200

- 2 machines 15 x Boeing 777-300ER

27 x Boeing 787-800

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  • Unglücke
1. January
1978 - The “air India flight 855” fell into

the Arab sea

. There were no survivors.
  • 21. June 1982 - With the return to the starting airport because of bad weather the landing failed, and the machine turned out beyond the runway. 17 humans died. 23. June
  • 1985 - On board “air India flight 182” exploded a bomb. Sikh were responsible - nationalists. The airplane fell before the coast
  • of Ireland into the Atlantic. All 307 passengers and the 22 members of the crew died. [Work on]

Subin Nijhawan:
Commercial aviation in the today's India. University of resounding joke mountain, 2006. ISBN 3-86010-807-7

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