Air national Guard

the air national Guard (ANG) is the part of the national guard of the USA responsible for the air space and forms with the air Force reserve COMMAND (AFRC) the reserve armed force of US air Force (USAF); their headquarters is in Washington (D.C.).

Wappen der Air National Guard
Coat of arms of the air national Guard

the ANG is subordinate to the governors of the individual US Federal States, territories and the District OF Columbia and can be requested there with natural catastrophes or unrests to the assistance. At the same time it has the national order for the air defense of the entire USA and can in the case of crisis by the president be mobilized. As long as the ANG units are not requested, they are assigned different main commands of the air Force and take over there partially the same tasks as the Air Force soldiers of the active service. Thus the ANG places half of the air transport and air refueling approximately in each case skapazität the air Mobility COMMAND.

To the existence approximately 1,300 machines of all USAF types of aircraft, with exception Stealth - airplanes B-2 and F-117 , belong to that as well as the MH-53 Pave Low of helicopter of the B1-Bombers and the AC-130 Gunship.

At the end of of 2003 covered the personnel of the ANG about 108,000 men and women plus 1.200 civil employees.


the air Guard became national to 18. September 1947 based, at the same time with the United States air Force.

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