Airbus A320

Airbus A320 der Germanwings
airbus A320 of the Germanwings
Airbus A320 der Edelweiss Air
airbus A320 the Edelweiss air
airbus A320 of the airline aero Flight

the airbus A320 is a passenger airline for short and medium ranges, which are built by the European manufacturer consortium Airbus Industrie. It is with 2448 ordered and already 1491 delivered copiesthe most successful model of airbus (source: Orders & Deliveries [1] on the airbus Website, conditions 16. March 2006).

This concerns a twin-jet airplane with a center aisle in the cab, 4 passenger doors and 4 emergency exits. 180 passengers in the airbus A320 place find maximum. Ina typical two-class interpretation (2-2-Bestuhlung in the Business Class and 3-3-Bestuhlung in the Economy Class) 150 passengers fit into the cab. In the loading space seven oh containers can be stowed away, three in the front part, four in the rear.

The A320 was the first civil aircraft (with exception only in smallNumbers of items built Concorde), which was steered over Fly by Wire. That means that the control not, how so far usually, purely mechanically (over steering ropes) functions, but with the help of electrical signal transmission. The hydraulic valves of rudder and horizontal stabilizer are only linked for redundancy reasons additionally with conventional steel cables. 'Simmering stick 'replaces besides the control wheel.

The A320 is the basis model of the A320-Familie. It covers the two shorter models airbus A319 and airbus A318 as well as a stretched version, the airbus A321. All these models are based on the same Design; so far became from allModels of the A320-Familie of 4,283 copies orders and 2,631 delivered (source: Orders & Deliveries [2] on the airbus Website, conditions 21. January 2006).

The A320-Programm was initiated 1982, the first flight found to 22. February 1987 instead of. In the following year the airplane already received its permission andin March 1988 the first A320 was delivered to the French airline air France. This type of aircraft became rapidly a direct competition for instance equal large model Boeing 737 of the American manufacturer Boeing.

To 26. June 1988 fell an airbus A320 on the airportMulhouse Habsheim off. From 136 humans on board died 3. This crash was attributed first to a computer error, which to criticism at the Fly by Wire - system led. Later it turned out however that the accident had been based on a set of pilot errors. These had the automaticFlight control system during the flight switched off. Like that warnings are to have been ignored because of a too small flight altitude and the speed were too slowly selected. This crash is remarkable, since it occurred with a looking flight before current television cameras.

technical data

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Building variants

  • A320-100 - only the first 21 built A320 „100er was “
  • A320-200 - in the comparison to -100 it has a higher maximum take-off weight and a higher range. The Wingtips at the wingtips is characteristic.

engine models

  • CFMI CFM56-5A1 - à 111kN
  • CFMI CFM56-5A3 - à 118 kN
  • IAE V2500-A1 - à 111 kN
  • IAE V2527-A5 - à 118 kN


  • length: 37.57 m
  • wingspan: 34.09 m
  • height: 11.76 m
  • trunk diameter 3.96 m
  • wing area 122.6 m ²


  • maximum speed: 903km/h
  • average cruising speed: 840 km/h
  • max. Taking off weight (MTOW): 73,500 kg up to 77,000 kg depending upon engine model
  • maximum number of passengers: 180
  • number of passengers in a typical two class Bestuhlung: 150
  • range with 150 passengers: 4,843 km to 5,676 km depending upon additional load and engine model
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