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the academy of the arts in Berlin is since 1. January 2004 a federaldirect, legally responsible body, itselfthe promotion of the forming art, the architecture, the music, the literature, which representing art as well as the film and media art dedicates. The academy is earned made an international community by persons, itself around the arts or the art of theirTime contributed. To its president selected to 29. April 2006 the meeting of the members the Heidelberger commercial artist Klaus Staeck.

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to tasks

the academy of the arts has according to legal text the following tasks:

  • Representation of the total state in the area of the art and culture,
  • promotionthe art,
  • representing the thing of the art in the society,
  • development of international effect from Berlin,
  • cultural national development,
  • care of the cultural inheritance and
  • consultation and support of the Federal Republic of Germany in affairs of the art and culture.

The academy of the artshas excluding non-profit purposes.


the academy of the arts has by law maximally 500 members. These are designated by the sections of the academy, from which meeting of the members in secret choice selected and of the president appoint.

Of the senate thatAcademy of the arts know besides honour members are suggested.


the academy of the arts exists to 1 in the present form since that. October 1993.

It went out of the German academy of the arts into Berlin (east) (1950 based)and the academy of the arts in Berlin (west) (1954 based) out; however the beginnings reach the cure prince Friedrich III. back up to the Academie of the meal, sculptor and Architectur art. of Brandenburg, the later Prussian king Friedrich I., 1696 in the lifecalled. To this tradition the academy of the arts refers expressly.


the past head office West Berlin academy was at the Hanseatenweg,in the citizen of Berlin quarter zoo. The building is used further for administration and for meetings. Thatnew head office of the academy is on the property of the former palace Arnim. Before their Prussian predecessor mechanism resided five years long in the Potsdamer road. In Berlin center at the Robert cook place is the donation archives of the academy of the arts.

legal basis

the necessary law for the establishment of the academy is to 9. May 2005 announced (BGBl.I 2005, S. 1218) and is with effect of the 1. January 2006 into force set (BGBl. I 2006,S. 571). Lands Berlin and Brandenburg have thereby to that extent a say gotten as the law for the establishment of the academy of the arts only after dissolution of the existing, from which both Lands of the Federal Republic carried academy into force steps. Besides both countries placeever a representative in the advisory board.

The country Baden-Wuerttemberg therefore considers raising a constitutional challenge against the federation. The assumption of the academy by the federation offence against the culture sovereignty of the countries.

The academy of the arts leads a right status with right of self-government.

ThatFederation possesses the majority of the voices in the advisory board as a subsidy giver.

A senate manages the academy . The last president was up to 15. December 2005 Swiss writer Adolf Muschg. The president of the academy is since April 2006 Klaus Staeck.

The meeting of the members covers all (maximally 500) members of the academy.


the academy has extensive archives to art, culture and literature (see. in addition walter Huder).

The academy is divided into the followingSections with own in each case director:

of prices, honors, scholarships

the academy assigns a multiplicity of honors and scholarships:

Fontane price lent Heinrich man price for Essayistik (jährl.
  • , 8,000 euro) from the section literature of the academy Käthe Kollwitz price for work or total output
  • of an educating artist (jährl., 10,000 euro)
  • Konrad wolf price foroutstanding artistic achievements in the area of the representing art (jährl., 5,000 euro)
  • radio play price of the academy of the arts (jährl.)
  • Tilla Durieux decoration (every ten years)
  • Hermine grain ring assignment on lifetime by the dept. Darst. Art
  • collecting donation 1 of the academy of the arts for talented andneedy studying of the “five classical artistic disciplines”
  • donation Eduard Arnhold relief fund for memory of the Mäzen Eduard Arnhold for talented and itself in economic emergency finding artist „all kind "
  • mansion Serpentara scholarship three-month residence scholarship for citizen of Berlin artist (mtl. 1,500 euro and travel expenses subsidy400 euro) in direct neighbourhood with and in the exchange to:Mansion Massimo - scholarship
  • want Grohmann price for young painters, commercial artists and sculptors (jährl., 6,500 euro)
  • Daniel Chodowiecki donation, based of Günter Grass for Polish screen end artist (jährl., 5,000 euro)
  • Busoni Kompostionspreis for stillcomposer (jährl., 6,000 euro and a promotion price 2,500 euro) did not admit
  • Alfred Döblin price for unpublished epische works (every two years, 10,000 euro and promotion price 5,000 euro)
  • to Alfred Döblin scholarship residence scholarship for citizen of Berlin writer for three to twelve months (jährl., mtl. 1,000 euro)
  • Lion Feuchtwanger priceDonation price for historical Prosa (all two to three years, 7,500 euro)
  • F. - C. - pointing head price donation price for languagecritical and languagereflecting works (all two to three years, 5,000 euro)
  • Alex Wedding price donation price for child and youth books (jährl., 5,000 euro)
  • O. E. Hate donation for promotion youngerActor of the speech and concert hall (jährl., 5,000 to 10,000 euro as price or scholarship)
  • furnished Joana Maria Gorvin price for “a Mrs., those in the theatre life of the German linguistic area an outstanding achievement” (every five years, 25,000 euro)
  • Alfred deer Meier scholarship for talented young Filmszenografen (jährl.)
  • Plopp Award competition for independently produced and so far unpublished pieces of hearing (jährl.)


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