Akademie der Wissenschaften

Eine Akademie der Wissenschaften ist eine Gelehrtengesellschaft und Einrichtung zur Förderung wissenschaftlicher Forschung. Besides there are also academies of arts, which use up themselves the promotion of artistic studies.

In the center of the often steeped in tradition academies the combination high-ranking scholar is entitled itself, regularlytogether-find to scientific exchange.

Academies are designated after the first academy in close proximity to Athens, which was brought by Platon into being. In honours of the owner, who was called Akademos and made its messuage available for this, Platon called „academy the place “.

The academies thatSciences are either private (then „free academies mentioned “) or from the State of maintained mechanisms. They differ from universities by the fact that they do not operate scientific teachings.

The sieved German science academies in Berlin, Duesseldorf, Goettingen, Heidelberg, Leipzig, Mainz and Munich are inthe union of the German Academies of Sciences united. In the Hanseatic city Hamburg was decided in the year 2004 the establishment of a new Academy of Sciences. In the year 2005 an establishment commission appointed the first members. [1], [2].

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important academies of the sciences


Academy of Sciences to Goettingen



  • Swiss academy thatFurther academies royal Swedish
  • Academy of Sciences, admits natural sciences, since
  • 1815 Swiss academy of the medical sciences
, since 1943

Swiss academy

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