Akaki Zereteli

Akaki Zereteli
Akaki Zereteli

prince Akaki Zereteli (Georgian აკაკიწერეთელი; Russian Akaki Rostomowitsch Zereteli; * 9. June 1840 in Schwitori, Georgien; † 26. January 1915 in Satschchere, Georgien) was a Georgian poet and politician as well as a one of the guidance figures of the GeorgianNational movement.

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it originated from a wealthy aristocracy family. The nut/mother originated from the imeretischen king house. Up to its sixth Lebensjahr it buildup according to the tradition in a farmer family. It put on that Georgian High School in Kutaissi the Abitur off. 1863 it terminated a study of the eastern languages at the university sank Petersburg.

Zereteli was a first free author, late editor of the satire magazine Jester and joint founder of the society for spreading the reading and write customer under the Georgiern.Together with Ilia Tschawtschawadse member in the liberal and sozialreformerischen writer combination Tergdaleuni, he became one the Wortführer in the fight for self-determination and liberty Georgiens.

Its poems (Suliko, the Tutor, Tornike Eristavi), narrations (Bashi Achuki) and plays (Gamzrdeli)historical topics and the unfreeness of the Georgian farmers dedicated themselves. They made it already lifetimes a popular poet prince. In the first Georgian film 1912 was Zereteli of the leading actors. It was a documentary film to its 72. Birthday and showed it on a journey by Westgeorgien.

It was married with the Russian Natalja Basilewskaja. Buried after its death it at the today's Pantheon at the mountain Mtazminda in low-read.

The national University of Kutaissi carries its names. Its haven-guessed/advised Lari is shown - cash note on the front of the Georgian 10. In the birth house inSchwitori is a museum over the life of the writer.


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