Akcja Wyborcza Solidarność

the Akcja Wyborcza Solidarność (AWS; German: Choice action solidarity) was originally a Wahlbündnis and is since 1997 a party in Poland.

The AWS became 1996 on operation unsuccessful of the Solidarność and representatives of numerous others, becomeParties based. It united national liberal, nationalconservative and Christian democratic forces.

Chairman of AWS became Marian Krzaklewski.

From the Sejm - elections of 1997 AWS came out as a the strongest party and formed together with the UW a coalition under Prime Minister Jerzy Buzek.After the elections AWS assembled as a regular party, which received now the additive Ruch Społeczny (social movement).

The reforms relating to domestic affairs operated now as well as the entry to NATO (1999) and the approximation to the European Union suppliedinternal-party contrasts.2001 began to disintegrate the AWS. Important personalities crossed to the again-created PO as well as to the PiS and to the ROP . Jerzy Buzek took over the party presidency. The party was renamed again and was called now AWSP (Akcja Wyborcza Solidarność Prawicy, German: Choice action solidarity that rights)

the elections of 2001 became a Fiasko for the AWSP. The governing party did not even create more the introduction in the Sejm. Since that time AWSP is only on local levelactively.

chairman of the party

of election results in elections to the Sejm

  • 1997: 33.83%
  • 2001: 5.60%

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