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Akira Kurosawa (jap. 黒澤明 Kurosawa Akira, * 23. March 1910 in Omori, Tokyo; † 6. September 1998 in Setagaya, Tokyo at an impact accumulation) was a Japanese director.

The aesthetics of itsearly success inspired western directors to the new category of the Italo Western. Also the Western - Mainstream profited from stories and the picture language Kurosawas. Thus the seven Samurai became glorious filters of the director John Sturges and from Yojimbo from For a handful dollar of Sergio Leone.

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original wanted to become Kurosawa painter and visited the academy of arts, changed however 1936 as an author and Regieassistent Toho - film company. After it had written approximately 50 film scripts, it led 1943 for the first time direction. 1959 it created its own production company.

In Japan Kurosawa is considered as „more west a “director. It filmed among other things Dostojewskis novel the idiot, Maxim fermenting gravel night shelter, Shakespeares Macbeth and was discovered as a first Japanese director for Europe „“.

Its continuous popularity in Europe and the USA is based particularly on its Samurai - films with the sword combat duels, which in the eyes of many Hollywood - to consumersa certain relationship with the Western also duel-oriented showed. Kurosawas Samurai Epen cause however not the gloss and the meaning of a elitären caste , but their purge, and the sword fights take place in abgewrackten cities or in the mud of poor province villages.

Kurosawain addition, turned several contemporary problem films, which argued usually with social unfairness.

With its first color film Dodeskaden fell Kurosawa into a deep crisis, since he felt misunderstood of the public, this film as too pessimistic and nearly surrealrejected. This crisis led to an attempted suicide (1973). With the film Uzala turned produced in the USSR and he returned glamourös to the international footlights and with the OSCAR for the best foreign film (1975) was recompenced.

For Kurosawa playedthe film script always a central role. Special characteristics of its style are the simultaneous employment of several cameras, contrasting different structures and the change between long attitudes and fast assembly.



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the music label stone sound Industries appears a Sampler such a thing in honours of AkiraKurosawa [1] [2].

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