under acclamation (general Applause, agreement, of lat. acclamatio, acclamation; from A, too, and clamare, call) understand one in politics and right an outdated form of the choice, in particular in small committees or with only one candidate. With the acclamationby acclamation (or simply by Handzeichen) something is accepted or rejected.

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“today we appoint Mr. B. to the honorary chairman on lifetime. Do all agree? “- All say loud “”.

acclamation in the academy

in the academic surrounding field takes place the acclamation via knocking on the table.

If contradictions rise, must be co-ordinated by show of hands.

acclamation in the Roman realm

in Roman history designates acclamation in particular proclaiming a victorious field gentleman on the battleground to the Imperator.

acclamation in the Judentum and in the Christianity

in the Jewish and in the Christian service is the together spoken Amen the municipality the acclamation to the saying or Gebeteten so far.

Until 1996 there was the possibility of a decision by acclamation with the Papal election. Pope Johannes Paul abolished this method come except use.

acclamation in the dictatorship

particularly in the timeo DES Nationalsozialismus wurden oft Regierungserklärungen abgehalten, nach denen o dado Anwesenden applaudierten. Hitler and other national socialists got themselves the “agreement” of their people through nationally affected “elections “and acclamations.

Also communism in the Soviet Union and in the Eastern Bloc countries did not do without the “agreement”the people. Acclamations were for example usual with elections to the village Soviet. Ovationen were for example usual after loyalty stating for Stalin.

pro and cons of the acclamation

as the most important advantage of the acclamation would be to be called the simplicity and the speed of execution.Because a tuning by acclamation or Handzeichen is rapidly accomplished.

The disadvantage of the acclamation is the influence of the particular and/or the intimidation different of the thinking by the remaining group members. In extreme cases it can come to the “mass hysteria so mentioned “.

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