Akram aluminium-Haurani

Akram aluminium-Haurani, also Hourani, (* 1915 in Hama; † 24. February 1996) was a Syrian politician and joint founder of the Arab socialist Baath party (ASBP).


after a study of the jurisprudence in Beirut and Damascus seized Akram aluminium-Haurani 1939 the occupation of an attorney. Already four years later it became 1943 Deputierter in the Syrian parliament. From 1948-49 the 33jährige was then Freiwilliger in the Palestine war.

After the Syrian defeat 1949 Akram aluminium-Haurani functioned as one the wire-puller of the Putsches of Husni az-Zaims and was under this to 1950 agricultures, defense and information Ministers. 1950 took place itself from its side the establishment of the Arab socialist party,1953 with the 1946 a created Baath party Aflaqs and bit acre combined. Chairman of the new ASBP became Haurani, the Baath joint founder Arsouzi withdrew from protest.

From 1954-1957 Akram aluminium-Haurani was then vice-president of the Syrian parliament, due to its personal friendship to president Shishakli. One year later it was promoted to 1958 to the vice-president of the union of Egypt with Syria. However it was participated an opponent Gamal Abdel Nassers and therefore also 1961 in the splitting off of Syria. 1962 took place however its joggle and the exclusion from the Baath party, but despite the seizure of power of the Baath party 1963 and the left party wing promoted by Haurani 1966 Akram aluminium-Haurani stood in opposition to Prime Minister Zayyen and general Hafiz aluminium-Assad. Therefore he was arrested 1966 and it followed its deportation to Cyprus, later to Paris.

1980 know Akram aluminium-Haurani the Assad regime because of the murder of bit acre into of Paris the principal debt too. It died to 24. February 1996.


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