Share brewery Kaufbeuren

coordinates: 47° 52 ' 38 " N 10° 37 ' 03 " O

Logo of the share brewery on a case for bills of fare in Munich

the share brewery Kaufbeuren is the oldest and still existing brewery in Kaufbeuren. She partly sells her products in the general-outer, in the district Swabia and in Upper Bavaria. The form of business organization is a corporation, which at the stock exchange Munich is acted.


1308, 253 years before the purity requirement, takes place the first documentary mention, after the Heinrich of the Twinger, which make urban holy spirit hospital sole heir. It verebt among other things its Sedelhaus.

1807 are justified by the building of a beer cellar in the Tänzelhölzchen the today's operating seat. To 17. March 1885 is converted the brewery into a Actienbrauerei.

1907 are taken over the lion brewery and 1997 the rose brewery, whereby the share brewery becomes only remaining brewery in Kaufbeuren.

Since 1958 is produced also alcohol-free beverages.


regional to be caused the traditional beer places like bright, wheat beer in addition, Pilsner beer brewed. In the group of producers Frucade are produced ColaMix , lemonade Tafelwasser and juice.

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