Aluminium Jaffee

aluminium Jaffee (* 13. March 1921 in Savannah, Georgia) is an US-American Cartoonist, above all admits because of its work for the WAD magazine.

Jaffee began its career 1941 as draughtsman and Texter of the Inferior one into the quality Comics and later in the Marvel - Comics. To the WAD it pushed 1955. 1964 it invented the WAD folding sheet (and/or. in the American one Fold into following the Fold Out of the Playboy). The folding sheet, which always appeared on the inside of the rear first page, is a picture, which gives a more or less insignificant answer under a given question only. If one covers however through breaks of the side the middle part, a new hidden picture and an often merry answer result. The folding sheet is also today still another firm component WAD. In the German expenditure it also few marks by Ivica a Astalos was drawn.

Beyond that Jaffee contributed still many other contributions both and draughtsmen and and Texter. In addition also the well-known intelligent one answers to stupid questions and articles belong over fictitious inventions, from which some years created it later actually in series production.

Today Jaffee for the advertisement works and illustrates Kinderbücher, but also still appears in the WAD, whose oldest artist is he in the meantime. Recently only it created it into the 400te (American) expenditure, with which it exceeds every different one.

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