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police photo of the young aluminium Pacino, 1961

aluminium Pacino (* 25. April 1940 in New York as Alfredo James Pacino) is an US-American actor, director and producer. It is considered as one of the most outstanding character actors of the contemporary American Film and theatre and is well-known for his high-grade precise play art.

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livesand work


aluminium Pacino is the son of the insurance agent Salvatore Pacino and from rose Gerard, the daughter of an Italian Migranten and an Italian nut/mother, which were born in New York. Its parents let themselves be separated, asit still another child was.

He is the stepson of the actress and the make-up artist Katherin Kovin Pacino and has four sisters: Josette, a teacher, the twins Roberta and Paula and the younger Desiree, which adopt Pacinos father in its fourth marriagehas. Pacino buildup with its Sicilian grandparents (immigrated from Corleone, Sicily) in the New Yorker South Bronx .

With 17 years it was suspended from the school and went from now on on the Manhattan School OF Performing kind. Besidehe as a Platzanweiser and Kartenabreisser worked on smaller theatres. It made its conclusion to the renowned Lee Strasberg - school under the outstanding play teacher harsh ore mountain-hope.

play career

in the piece of stage of The Connection gave its debut to Pacino. For TheIndian Wants The Bronx it was distinguished with the Obie - Award.

1969 it participated in I, Natalie, its first Hollywood - production. Already his third film work the godfather made it the superstar and brought in for it 1973 a OSCAR nominating.In the same year he was selected for bitumen blooms with the film festivals in Cannes to the best actor.

world fame

in the following 20 years he was nominated altogether seven times for the OSCAR (… and justice for all, Der Pate II, Hundstage, Serpico, Dick Tracy und Glengarry Glenn Ross), 1992 erhielt er für Der Duft der Frauen den Preis in der Kategorie Bester Hauptdarsteller.

Further well-known Pacino films are Scarface - tonuses, the scar face, The godfather III, Carlitos way, Heat (1995), on behalf the devil, Insider, at each condemned Sunday and Insomnia. The main roles in the films shopkeepers against shopkeeper (Ted shopkeeper) and Pretty Woman (Edward Lewis) leanedit against it off.

Its representation of the AIDS patient Schwulenhassers Roy Cohn in the mini series of Angels in America (2003) brought in numerous prices for it and by the criticism was highly praised.

Apart from its career as Filmschauspieler he works stillregularly at different theatres - both and actors and and director and producer. For The basic training OF Pavlo Hummel and Does A tiger Wear A Necktie? it received - Awards to Tony.

private life

aluminium Pacino is onethe few Hollywood - star, which were married never. With January Tarrant (daughter Julie Marie) and Beverly D'Angelo (twins Anton and Olivia) it has three children. Beside most its film partner works it rather small, the exact measure is 1.65 M.




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