Alain Savary

Alain Savary (* 25. April 1918 in Algiers, † 17. February 1988 in Paris) was French Secretary of Education.

1940 it attached free-French armed forces of the France libre and became from admiral Muselier with the administration of the French islands pc. Pierre and Miquelon before the Canadian coast assign, whose governor was he to at the beginning of of 1943. Starting from April 1944 Savary participated shortly thereafter in the Italy campaign and in the landing in Provence . In October it became member of the provisional Konsultativversammlung. 1946 he became Secretary-General of the Kommissariats for German and Austrian affairs. In the fifties he was a delegate for pc. Pierre and Miquelon in the national assembly, until it moved up 1959 to the deputy Secretary-General of the socialist SFIO. to 1969 it gave the relevant impact for the establishment new portion socialiste français. 1973 to 1981 he was a delegate for strike Garonne, before he finally to 22. May of 1981 Secretaries of Education in the cabinet Pierre Mauroy became, an office that it up to 19. July 1984 held. The creation the zones d'éducation prioritaires in such a way specified ( ZED) decreased/went back to its initiative, which should serve the dismantling of social inequalities. 1984 came it over the question of the liberty of the schools and/or. the Laisierungspolitik in Paris to a large demonstration, in which over one million humans participated.


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