Alan Bullock

Alan Louis Charles Bullock, baron Bullock OF Leafield (* 13. December 1914 with Bath, England; † 2. February 2004) was a British historian.

Bullock was born close Bath, in the county Wiltshire , England, its father worked thereas gardners and Prediger. It studied history in Oxford and graduated 1938, in order to then cooperate as scientific coworkers English Speaking Peoples the of vienna clay/tone Churchill at its book History OF. In the Second World War he worked for Europe service of the BBC. After the warhe taught in Oxford and created the pc. Catherine's college.

With the book Hitler: A Study in Tyranny published Bullock 1952 the first large Biografie over Adolf Hitler, which remained long time the standard work of the Hitler research. Its original thesis of Hitler as purely opportunistischemPower politician revised Bullock later. Today Hitler is considered as an ideologist, who pursued its despite all tactical maneuvers with “my fight “by program stated intentions consistently. 1991 put the Doppelbiografie Hitler and Stalin to Bullock: Parallel live ones forwards.

Bullock was long its life inTrailer of the labour a party. Its moderate socialist opinions affected its historical work. In the seventies it was member from the labour government of an used, commission over the rights of codetermination of the employees.

Because of its earnings/services Bullock was ennobled 1972 and in the year 1976 as a lord on lifetimeinto the British upper house appoint.

2004 it died in a nursing home in the county Oxfordshire.


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