Alan Shearer

Alan Shearer (* 13. August 1970 in Newcastle upon Tyne) is an English football player.

Since 1996 it played with Newcastle United and was before with the fiber plastic Southampton and active with the Blackburn Rover. He was with its change to the Magpies (pointed name Newcastles, is called Elstern) the most expensive soccer player of the world (53 Mill. DM). Shearer played altogether 63 times for the English national team, shot thereby 30 gates and explained after the football European championship 2000 with 29 years its resignation from the national team.

In the year 2001 he was appointed of the Queen the OBE. Pelé sets it on the list of the best 125 living soccer players.

The season 2004/2005 should be according to Shearer its latter as professional soccer players, it could however end of the season by fans, friends, family and crew be convinced to to-hang still another one season.

Alan Shearer obtained 375 gates in 731 plays until including the season 2005/2006 for Southampton, Blackburn and Newcastle altogether (BBC). Additionally it cracked the age-old record of Jackie Milburn, by obtaining over 197 gates for Newcastle United. The last gate (its 206. for Newcastle United) it obtained after 31 minutes in the portion against the fiber plastic Sunderland to 17.04.2006. After a renewed knee injury (volume tear in the left knee) in the same play it terminated to 22.04.2006 its career injury prematurely.

Further honors:

League Championship Winner with Blackburn 1994/95

COMPANY Player OF the Year 1994/95 & 1996/97

football Writers Player OF the Year 1994/95

Premiership golden boat Winner (goal scorer crown) 1994/95 (34 gates), 1995/96 (31 gates) & 1996/97 (25 gates)

Awarded Barclaycard Merit Award to 20. April 2002 for reaching the 200-Premiership-Tormarke.

Awarded Barclaycard Award on 23 Nov. 2002 as a first player, who shot 100 gates with 2 clubs.

Premiership Player OF the Month Award : November 1994/95 with Blackburn, September 1998/99, December 2002 and October 2003 with Newcastle

fastest gate of the Premierleague: Gate against Manchester town center on 18 January 2003 after 10.25 seconds and thus equalizing the old record of Jackie Milburn from November 1947

with its 250. Gate in the Premierleague against Southampton to 4. October 2003 it reached the Top 6 of the best goal scorers of all times in the Premierleague.

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