Alban Haas

Alban Haas (* 19. February 1877 in Marktoffingen with Nördlingen; † 15. May 1968 in new city at the crying race) was a German catholic priest and Prälat (title: “Papal Hauskaplan”, official address: “Monsignore”).

In new city Haas was, the 1925 to the Dr. theol. one attained a doctorate, to religion teachers at the Humanisti High School (since 1964 Kurfürst Ruprecht High School). Because of its earnings/services to the homeland research he was appointed the honour citizen by new city and honoured there, as also in his place of birth, with a road dedication.

Its younger half brother (from the second marriage of the father, who was likewise a teacher and Alban Haas was called) was a composer and max active pupil Joseph Haas.


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