Albums W. Barkley

albums William Barkley (* 24. November 1877 in Graves County, Kentucky; † 30. April 1956 in Lexington) was a politician and an US-American vice-president from 1949 to 1953 during the presidency Harry S. Trumans.

Alben W. Barkley, 1948, "Wahlkampfplakat"
Albums W. Barkley, 1948, “election campaign poster”

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youth and training

in its baptismal certificate stood still for “Willie” albums, but as soon as he was legal able, he let the order change, since he regarded his original first first name as bad Omen as a young man from the hard Kentucky.

As a son of a Tabakfarmers from Kentucky albums went with its training rather the difficult way. In order to be able to afford the college and the university, he had to work besides. After the conclusion at the Marvin Kentucky, 1897 it studied college, an institution for Methodist in Clinton, in Virginia at the University OF Virginia Law School jurisprudence.

lawyer and district judge

returned to Kentucky opened it a Kanzlei in the small place Paducah. From 1903 he worked as a determining public prosecutor of the McCracken County. It disclaimed and repeated the anecdote that he had ridden homeland during the election campaign to this electoral registration office (comparable with the Sheriff) on a Maultier, instead of a horse over the rough roads its, always violently it in its later memoirs. But from 1909 to 1913 it already officiated as a district judge of the there County.

congress and senate delegate

Barkley began its actual political career as a democrat likewise 1913, as one it as a delegate for its mother country into the house of representatives, i.e. selected the congress, where he turned out under the leading influence Woodrow Wilsons. Its activity found obvious to clear Zuspruch with its voters, since it was always confirmed also in the following seven office periods until 1927 in its office.

As is the case for many other congressional representatives one also selected it now into the next higher position, the senate, where he took his seat to 1949. Its political Reputation was so large that its parliamentary group from 1937 to 1947 made him its speaker. During the presidency Franklin D. Roosevelts was it in the senate the actual “engine” from its new Deal- politics. The last two years functioned it quasi as a minority leader, there after the intermediate elections now the democrats the minority (45: 52 seats) in the senate held.


could prove a large fate to vice-presidency thanks of its long political experience with both parliamentary houses with the line of the senate and relieve thus Truman, which had no comparable experiences in the federal politics, skillfully. It enjoyed its personal confidence and could as one of the first vices-president both political profile and fate exhibit.

Owing to its own indiscretion with a press conference Barkley was soon in the public only well-known under the pointed name, which its grandchild had given him: “The Veep” instead of “Mr. Vice President ". Albums understood this name as honor.

Characteristically he was the first vice-president, that the national security council presided and also officially during the elaboration of the entire policy Trumans contributing responsibly.

retreat from Washington and Rückkehr to the senate

Alben W. Barkley
albums W. Barkley

after its vice-presidency thought the 75-Jährige publicly about a presidency candidacy during the preselections of the democrats. Owing to its earnings/services, experiences of many years and popularity it would have quite had chances, but a clear criticism at its high age let it withdraw this consideration deeply hurt.

Thus went also from Truman themselves favored liberals governor von Illinois, Adlai Ewing Stevenson II., for his party in running and was subject to D against Dwight. Eisenhower of the republicans with 89 to 442 elector voices.

To the comparison it is only aforementioned that Ronald Reagan during the election campaign 1984 to its second office period already 73. Lebensjahr had reached.

Later “The Veep” was selected again 1954 owing to its popularity for Kentucky into the senate, where he officiated up to his death 1956.


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