Albert Bassermann

Albert Bassermann (* 7. September 1867 in Mannheim; † 15. May 1952 in Zurich) was a German actor.


Albert Bassermann began its career 1887 as an actor in Mannheim and at severalsmall theatres, before he came 1895 to Berlin. Starting from 1899 it was again with Otto Brahm busily (until 1904 at the German theatre and then until 1909 at the Lessing theatre), from 1909 to 1915 with max of Reinhardt there at the German theatre Berlin.Afterwards it belonged to no more ensemble and was free lance active.

Bassermann belonged to the first German theatre actors, who engaged themselves for the film. 1913 it already played the main role of the attorney Hallers in max of Macks the other one after thatplay of the same name of Paul Lindau. At numerous further film appearances in the German silent movie he worked under smelling pool of broadcasting corporations Oswald, Ernst Lubitsch, Leopold Jessner and Lupu Pick.

1933 left Bassermann Germany and lived starting from 1938 in the USA. In Hollywood he, although he knew the English language only with a very strong Mannheimer accent, became an in demand character actor. For his Nebenrolle in Alfreds Hitchcocks the foreign correspondent (1940) Albert Bassermann for the OSCAR one nominated. 1944 hadit its stage debut at Broadway in a English-language piece, and it arose after 1946 also again in Europe.

From Friedrich Haase received Albert Bassermann 1911 the Iffland ring. After its death became the ring, which Bassermann wanted to actually destroy,1954 passed on by the trust federation of German-speaking stage members at Werner Krauss. The ring is since then property of the Republic of Austria and momentarily by Bruno whole is carried.

Albert Bassermann was one of the most renowned actors of its time and became at that time often as “Germany largerActor " tituliert. It died on a flight from New York to Zurich.


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