Albert Betz

Albert Betz (* 25. December 1885 in pig ford, † 16. April 1968 in Goettingen) was a physicist and a pioneer of the wind energy technology.

Albert Betz worked starting from 1911 as a flow researcher in the aerodynamic laboratory Goettingen. Starting from 1926 he was a professor in Goettingen, where he was from 1936 to 1956 as successors of Ludwig Prandtl also director/conductor of the aerodynamic laboratory. From 1947 to 1956 it led the there institute for Max-Planck for investigation of flow.

Betz concerned physics the wind rotors according to scientific criteria and put with its work the theoretical bases for their aerodynamics. 1920 appeared a contribution of it in the magazine for the entire turbine nature, in which he proved that from the wind working at a place maximally 59.3 per cent of at the moment available energy can be converted by a turbine-like, disk-shaped transducer into a mechanical achievement. It expressed this in the Betz law . 1925 it combined the results of its work into this topic in the book wind energy and their utilization by windmills and formulated its to today valid wing theory for the shaping of the rotor blades.

Albert Betz developed Bilau the Ventikantenflügel from aluminum sheet metal briefly together with major. This is formed like an airplane wing and has an auxiliary wing to the number of revolutions and power adjustment of the windmill. 1920 ago it had already approx. ten years as well as Ludwig Prandtl and max of Munk worked. 1939 it researched together with Ludwig Boelkow in the wind tunnel for the company Messerschmitt.

1965 received Albert Betz the Carl Friedrich Gauss medal.

Betz special merit/service is the formulation of the theoretical bases for the wing theory. Its further earnings/services lie in the wind tunnel technology and in the general development of the investigation of flow.


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