Albert Claude

Albert Claude (* 24. August 1899 in Longlier; † 22. May 1983 in Brussels) was a Belgian researcher, who itself predominantly with cell biology busy. it received the Medizinnobelpreis to 1974.

Claude closed 1928 its medicine study in Lüttich and worked first in Institut for cancer research in Berlin. it moved to 1929 into the USA, where it was active at the institute for skirt skin he in New York. In the course of its work he discovered the Endoplasmati Retikulum and found out also more over the function of the Mitochondrien . Since it employed 1942 itself also with electron microscopic research, an instrument, which was not used up to then yet in biology.

Although it had received 1941 the US-American nationality, it returned 1949 to Belgium and held afterwards Professuren both to New York and to lions .

it received 1974 together with George Emil Palade and Christian de Duve the Medizinnobelpreis „for its discoveries for the structural and functional organization of the cell “.


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