Albert Heinrich kneels

Albert Heinrich kneels (* 15. May 1908 in Kiel, † 8. November 1984) was a well-known German composer and author in chess.

chess composition

with approximately 15 years learned kneels that to games of chess. It became 1923 member in the worker chess club Bottrop and developed here to a tournament player with passabler play strength. Quite fast it turned however to problem chess. 1925 it became member in the problem combination the swallow. It published at the end of of 1925 in the Essener indicator its first tasks of chess. Dearest composed it Wenigsteiner - those are problems with at the most 4 stones - and problems from fairy tale chess. Altogether it composed about 7,000 tasks of chess. Unfortunately it lost all recordings during the Second World War over its works before the war.

Albert Heinrich kneels
to Bottroper people newspaper, February 1937
Matt and selfmatt in 2 courses


a) Matt in two courses: 1.fxg3! hxg3 2.Dh5 matt

b) selfmatte in two courses: 1.fxg3! hxg3 2.Df4 g2 matt

besides: Black at the course would have to checkmate by Dxf3, because black does not have other possible course.

the author

kneels published many own problem magazines. It wrote most by hand, also it attached own designs.

  • German fairy tale chess newspaper - May 1931 until May 1933
  • Kniest's chess letter - November 1942 to June 1944
  • chess matt - Octobers of 1946
  • diagrams and figures
  • Frankfurt notes
  • Caissa's merry underground parking with fragment pit

he also led several problem columns in newspapers and chess magazines, which became very estimated among experts:

  • Bottroper people newspaper - 1934 to in the middle of 1937 (successor became his brother Peter kneels)
  • Schnatterer
  • glacier column
  • multicolored stones
  • you know the Bible?

his life

kneels was a miner. He locked the attendance of the mountain schools in Bottrop and Hamborn with the riser patent . Afterwards it studied engineering sciences and became a civil engineer. His brother Peter kneels was also a well-known problem composer.


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