Albert Hofmann

Albert Hofmann (* 11. January 1906 in bathing, Aargau) is Swiss chemist and discoverer of the LSD.

Albert Hofmann buildup as the oldest one of four brothers and sisters, the father was Werkzeugmacher. Early it completed commercial teachings,1926 began its chemistry study at the University of Zurich and attained a doctorate four years later with honor. Subsequently, it was active for more than four decades up to its retirement 1971 with Sandoz in Basel.

In the year 1943 he discovered in the frameworkits medicament research with the grain mushroom ergot the halluzinogene effect LSD, which it had already synthesized for the first time 1938. Its goal was to be developed at that time originally been, a Kreislaufstimulans. The material had shown no pharmakologisch interesting characteristics in bioassays however andtherefore thereafter not one continued to examine. 1943 it decided then to manufacture LSD again. It absorbed thereby, probably over the skin, a small quantity LSD. In order to confirm its assumptions the fact that thereupon from it experienced indisposition with oneAdmission LSD was connected, undertook it on the next day a self attempt with the smallest effective dose conceivable for it (compared for instance with the likewise very potent psychoaktiven alkaloid Meskalin). Afterwards it turned out that it itself with thatQuantity around the fivefold of the normally effective dose acted. The chemist experienced the effect of the strongest well-known psychoaktiven substance at the own body. Its following travel of the laboratory home with the bicycle, was accompanied by strong hallucinations and went downthe name “bicycle day” (Bicycle Day) into the history of the LSD culture. It described the discovery coincidentally happened also with the words:The LSD came to me.

The ergot applied nevertheless in the medicine, there its contents materials underother one substance an affecting the muscle tonus contain, which can be used with pregnant women for introduction that blowing.

In addition Hofmann investigated other psychoaktive materials such as Psilocybin, psilocinhaltige mushrooms, also admits as Teonanacatl or Magic Mushrooms, the LSA - of haltigenSeed of the funnel hoist and the Ololiuqui as well as the Salvinorin of the fortune-teller or charms salbei Salvia Divinorum. Further and synthesized he isolated the active substances of important medicinal plants, in order to examine their effects.

Late philosophy ores it over the question: What is reality?

„The more deeply one into alive nature in-seen, the more marvelously recognizes one her. I believe, one feel then also saved. One belonged to it, one can see it, one can her experience. Consciousness is already the largestGift of the creator to humans; dass man ein Bewusstsein hat, dass man sich seiner Schöpfung bewusst wird und dass wir seiner Schöpfung bewusst werden - nicht nur einfach blind durch das Paradies gehen.“

Albert Hofmann: Television interview to 3sat - Documentation LSD - Wonder drug and Horrortrip - Albert Hofmann, the inventor LSD becomes 100, 2005

Hofmann uses itself time of his life for the fact that psychedelische substances are to be legalisiert like the LSD to research purposes. In addition is itthe opinion that the correct use of LSD would be in the medicine and Psychotherapie a question of the time.

As in the USA in the 60's Timothy Leary (medically and therapeutically did not control) the mass consumption of LSD publicised, practiced Hofmannstrong criticism. With the substance must carefully be gone around, it concern not a benefit drug. When in this time of the CIA to research purposes LSD (with a follow-heavy death), called it gave not informed test subjects on this proceeding “crime”.

Albert Hofmann became recently 100 years old and enjoys of best health. It lives Swiss on the Rittimatte Alm at the edge law. On the occasion of its 100. Birthday found of 13. to 15. January 2006 in Basel the symposium “LSD -Concern child and wonder drug " instead of.


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