Albert Memmi

Albert Memmi (* 15. December 1920 in Tunis, Tunesien) is a French writer and sociologist of Tunisian origin, which in over 20 own books examined Dekolonisation , racingism and emigration as well as the life feeling to the alienation and Entwurzelung comprehensibly to the language brought.

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lives and work

the son of poor Jewish-Arab parents buildup under French colonial rule in Tunis. It set with reproduction and success on education acquisition. While German occupation Tunesiens, was he briefly its Jewish origin because of interned, could flee however. End of war 1945 went right after the 25-year old to Paris, where it prepared intensively to the Sorbonne for the state examination in philosophy. Its own experiences with poverty and Ausgrenzung he processed the salt column ", which appeared 1953 and translated to one into many languages classical authors of the French postwar literature became literary in the auto+biographic novel „.

His likewise very well-known novel “the foreigner” is the finished history of the first years of its marriage with a Französin, who threatened to break by the cultural contrasts of a binational marriage. A classical author became also the essay „the Kolonisator and the colonized one ".

Albert Memmi concerned itself as a sociologist with the topic racingism also scientifically and gave a definition, which by important reference books like the “Encylopaedia Universalis” was taken over.

Quotation: „Racingism fulfills a certain function. (...) The racingism is the generalized and verabsolutierte valuation of actual or fictitious biological differences to the benefit of the prosecutor and to the damage of its victim, with which an aggression is to be justified. “

Its latter, 2004 published work, “haven-guesses/advises the Dekolonisierten”, is one expressed critical argument with the immigrants in France and humans in the earlier colonies. He accuses ready for violence shank and a remaining in an indebted minority to many immigrants Arab moslemischer origin. The book found large Zuspruch in the media and led to partial heated debate. Many humans from SOS Racisme and the movement MRAP, which 1949 felt created, most well-known initiative against racingism in France, the book as insult and break with what it for many decades represented and had supported.

works (selection)

  • “Portrait you décolonisé arabo musulman de quelques autres” et. Gallimard, Paris 2004
  • “the racingism”, special book 1982
  • “the Kolonisator and the colonized one. Two of haven advice ", essay, Hamburg 1980 (frz. Portrait you colonisé précédé you Portrait you colonisateur 1957)
  • “the foreigner”, novel, Frankfurt 1991 (frz. Agar 1955)
  • “haven-guesses/advises the colonized one” orig. 1957
  • “the salt column”, novel, Berlin 2002 (frz. La statue de sel 1953; German first edition 1963)

to honors

  • 2004 price of the Académie Française

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