Albert Osswald

Albert Osswald (* 16. May 1919 in pouring; † 15. August 1996 in swan gau) was from 1969 to 1976 an Prime Minister of the country Hessen.

After the attendance of the professional school Osswald acquired the middle ripe one and completed commercial teachings. Itsoldier was from 1939 to 1945.

Directly after end of war it became member of the SPD. 1967 he became a chairman of the SPD district federation Hessen - south and 1969 he was selected in addition to regional chairmen of the SPD in Hessen.

1949 he became a city delegate in pouring, finally 1952 city delegate chiefs. 1954 he was selected here to the mayor and city treasurer. 1957 took place the choice to the mayor from pouring.

Since 1954 it was member in the hessian federal state parliament.

1962 it was appointed as a Minister of State for economics into the cabinet of Prime Minister Georg August tin. it changed 1964into the office of the Minister of State of finances.

After the resignation from George August tin it became at the 3. October 1969 to the Prime Minister of the country Hessen selected. To 16. October 1976 withdrew Osswald, after it was guessed/advised under violent criticism because of the HeLaBa scandal. Its successorbecame the Federal business manager at that time of the SPD Holger Börner.

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