Albert Portas

Albert Portas (* 15. November 1973 in Barcelona) is a Spanish tennis player.

It became in the year 1994 professional tennis players and could win so far as only ATP tournament the German open in Hamburg 2001. Bediengt by the early Erstrunden separating, various tennis star such as Gustavo shortening, Tim Henman, Roger Federer, Pete Sampras, Michael Chang, Andrei Medwedew and Jewgeni Alexandrowitsch Kafelnikow (in round 2 was also for Andre Agassi last stop), used Albert Portas the favour of the hour.

On the way in the final it struck among other things Topstars such as Lleyton Hewitt, Sébastien bulk Jean and Magnus Norman, rather it in the final game Juan Carlo Ferrero in 5 sentences to defeat could. The consequence was apart from prize money at a value of US $ 400,000, a rank list improvement at place 19 in entry cunning. Days later it lost 3 with the Raiffeisen Grandprix in pc. Jiri Vanek polarized smoothly in 2 sentences against the unknown Czech.

The victory in Hamburg provided at that time for much attention, because this concerns a super 9 tournament and beside Rome and the French open is it the most important sand place tournament, on the ATP route. Albert Portas is admits for its technically cleanly implemented impacts. Beside Jürgen Melzer it plays the best stop balls, which already brought many opponents to the despair.

For a long time it had become quiet around it, but lately it found again fun at the tennis to play. With various Chellanger tournaments one can admire a its being able.


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