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Albert Scharf (* 28. December 1934 in Munich) is a German medium manager and director of the Bavarian broadcast from 1990 to 2002.

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sharp studied law, history and philosophy at the Ludwig Maximilians university Munich. Here it became also 1953 member of the catholic student connection K.D.St.V. Aenania Munich in the CV. It started its career in the Bavarian Department of State of finances. 1965 he became on suggestion of the BR-director Christian boiling rider a legal director of the Bavarian broadcast. 1973 to 1990 he was additionally a deputy of the acting director Reinhold Vöth. In March 1990 it became director of the BR, with twice re-election, up to the 1. January 2002. Unter seiner Verantwortung wurden unter anderem im Hörfunk der Nachrichtenkanal B5 aktuell sowie im Fernsehen der Bildungskanal BR-alpha eingerichtet.

Besides sharp had, for example numerous further offices in the German and European medium landscape than chairmen of the pool of broadcasting corporations (1995-1997). He was besides a president of the European broadcast union (European Broadcasting union, EBU), which dressed 18 years as first and only Germans of the 70 national broadcast organizations from 50 European countries this office long. Before it had engaged itself for many years as a pool of broadcasting corporations representative in the EBU board of directors for the European broadcast nature.

Albert Scharf engaged itself time life in different cultural and academic offices in addition to the regular duties. It was instruction (1967-2001), president and rector (1996-2003) of the Munich university for television and film, chairman of the Kuratoriums of the Ludwig Maximilians university and the member in the university advice of the Munich university for music and theatre. Since 2002 is Professor. Dr. Albert sharply honorary president „of the donation European house - concert hall Passau “. Honorary sharp supports as a member „the catholic academy in Bavaria “and Kuratoriumsmitglied of the friends Munich brook choir.

Scharfs of earnings/services were distinguished several times. Among other things the admitting Christian received the Romano Guardini price of the catholic academy in Bavaria. it received the Carl Orff medal to 1999. 2005 it was honoured with that large Distinguished Service Cross with star of the earnings/service medal of the Federal Republic of Germany.

Co-editor „of the magazine for author and law of communication media is sharp “(TO) as well as the collection Delp „right of journalism “. Furthermore it is an author from approximately 40 essays to medium-political and medium-legal questions in various specialized publications.


  • „we should deliberate themselves, which our own culture, which constitutes the formerly Christian evening country, really. This would enable us for a self-assured, but open and peaceful tolerance. The 11. September shows, how fragile and destroyable our secular world is, success and luck alone in money measures. The notices, in addition, economic problems, natural catastrophes, murders and wars be frightened humans, many feel threatened and abandoned. Who fetches God back into its own life, however new confidence could draw despite all uncertainty. “ (Albert Scharf in „speech to the turn of the year “in all radio broadcasting programs of the Bavarian broadcast to 31. December 2001)


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