Albert Sorel

Albert Sorel (* 13. August 1842 in Honfleur, Calvados; † 29. June 1906 in Paris) was a French writer and historian.

He was employed 1866 in the foreign Ministry, accompanied 1870 after government route and Bordeaux, became 1872 professor of diplomatic history in Paris and 1876 the Secretary-General of the presidency of the senate and the war school in pc. Cyr (1898). It was member of the Académie Française since 1894 and the Académie of the Sciences Morales et Politiques.

As a historian it described the development of its country, which it regarded as “la France généreuse”. Despite the politically exaggerated nationalization, to which also Sorel was subject, it designated soberly political erroneous trends in the French foreign policy 19. Century.


except many articles in the “revue of the Deux of moon and other magazines he wrote the novels “La grande falaise” (1872) and “Le Docteur Egra” (1873) as well as the historical works:

  • “Le traité de of Paris you 20 Nov. 1815 " (1873);
  • “Histoire diplomatique de la guerre franco allemande” (1875, 2 Bde.);
  • “Laquestion d'Orient outer XVIII. siècle " (1878);
  • “Essais d'histoire et de critique” (1882);
  • “L'Europe et la Révolution française” (1885-87, 2 Bde.);
  • “Montesquieu” (1887)

and in community with Funck Brentano:

  • “Précis you droit the gene” (2. Aufl. 1887).


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