Albert Steffen

Albert Steffen (* 10. December 1884 in Obermurgenthal, municipality Wynau, canton Berne, Switzerland; † 13. July 1963 in thorn oh, canton Solothurn, Switzerland) was Anthroposoph and poet. After death Rudolf Steiners to 30. March 1925 became SteffenChairman of the general Anthroposophi society.

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Albert Steffen was born than third of six children of a country doctor.With five years it lost its by two years older brother. With fourteen years he came to Berne, in order to exist the entrance examination into the High School; it fell through first and arrived only into the Quarta in place of the Tertia. It feels neglected, is ashamedand withdraws itself into the isolation. Its thoughts and feelings trusts he the diary on which he up to his death will lead - and begins this way its literary activity.1904 it existed the Abitur. In Lausanne it studied off 1904/05 when desired the father, who wanted to hand its medical practice to him over, medicine. Into argument with the medicine study Steffen came into a vital crisis, in whose process he decided itself to become poets and work by the word therapeutically. It is occupiedintensively with Nietz and Dostojewsky. On the other hand the scientific study does not satisfy it: “nature did not release me”. it pulls 1906 to Berlin, where it remains two years.

“It had become clearly conscious me that I, if I should not diminish poets becomehad, under what I however understood something, what it nowadays hardly more gives, i.e. a synthesis of science, art and religion on the basis of the large mankind ideas.” (My life resolution)

in Berlin it offers Samuel Fischer its first novel “Ott, Alois and Warel”, which also shiftbecomes.1907 he hears the first lecture Rudolf Steiners in Berlin, meets him personally however only three years later in Munich, where he lived between 1908 and 1920. Here also the novels determination of the rawness ( 1912) develop, the renewal of the federation (1913), the right lover of the fate (1916) and Sibylla Mariana (1917), all this of the citizen of Berlin S. Fischer publishing house to be published.

In its residents of Munich time Albert Steffen becomes acquainted with the painter Stanislaus piece gold and his Mrs. Elisabeth, their daughter Epileptikerinand is halflaterally. 1920 go to Elizabeth piece gold accompanied by Albert Steffen to thorn oh, in order to request from Rudolf Steiner advice for the daughter. There Steffen takes over when desired Steiners the editorship of the again-created weekly revue the Goetheanum, which he up to its deathmaintains.

The turn of the year 1923/24 Steiner Albert Steffen appoints the deputy chairman of the general Anthroposophi society. By the ever closer connection Steffens with the Anthroposophie do not become the works Steffens starting from 1919 any more by the S. Fischer publishing house given change, on which Steffen 1928 an ownPublishing house, the publishing house for beautiful sciences bases.

1925, after Rudolf Steiners death, he becomes a chairman of the general Anthroposophi society. 1933 die Stanislaus piece gold and Albert Steffen marry 1935 Elizabeth piece gold, which dies 1961.

Albert Steffen died to 13. July 1963 at the ageof 79 years.



  1. the excerpt from Egypt - the Manichäer, two dramas (1916);
  2. The Viergetier (1920);
  3. Hieram and Salomo (1925);
  4. The boss of the general staff (1927);
  5. The fall anti-Christian (1928);
  6. The death experience of the Manes (1934);
  7. Adonis play/An autumn celebration (1935);
  8. Peace tragedy (1936);
  9. Travel into the other country (1938);
  10. Pestalozzi (1939);
  11. Martyr (1942);
  12. Call at the abyss (1943);
  13. Karoline of Günderode, (1946)
  14. Barrabas (1949);
  15. Alexanders transformation (1953);
  16. Lin (1957).

further novels and novel-similar works

  1. life history of young humans (1928);
  2. Game iron (1929);
  3. Sucher afteritself (1931);
  4. From George Archibalds personal record and left writings (1950);
  5. Oasis of the humanity (1954);
  6. Altmann's memoirs from the hospital (1956);
  7. Thirty-three years (1959);
  8. Mission of the poetry (1962).

poem volumes

  1. way living (1921);
  2. Poems, single volume design by Albert Steffen (1931);
  3. The Tröster, single volume design by Albert Steffen(1935);
  4. Passiflora/a Requiem for Felicitas, single volume design by Albert Steffen (1939);
  5. Awake up, you! (1941);
  6. Epoch (1944);
  7. Late hall (1947);
  8. At the cross way of the fate (1952);
  9. Illness not to death (1955);
  10. Rise to the Parnass and look (1960);
  11. In dying up-purchase (1964)

Memories, sketches and miniatures

  1. small myths (1923);
  2. Pilgerfahrt to the Lebensbaum (1925);
  3. In Memoriam Rudolf Steiner (1925);
  4. Life turn (1931);
  5. Noticing book (1937);
  6. Book of the review (1938);
  7. Same ester knowledge and life-look (1940);
  8. On spirit ways (1942);
  9. The genius of death (1943);
  10. Novellas (1947):
  11. From the briefcase of a Geistsuchers (1951);
  12. Intending picturesfor Elizabeth Steffen (1961);
  13. Life pictures at the death gate (1963)


  1. the Krisis in the life of the artist (1922);
  2. The artist between the west and the east (1925);
  3. The artist and the fulfilment of the Mysterien (1928);
  4. Meetings with Rudolf Steiner, with a portrait Rudolf Steiners (1926;extend 1955);
  5. Mani/its life and its theory, single volume design of Albert Steffen (1930/1965);
  6. Goethe's spirit shape (1932/1970);
  7. Dramaturgi contributions to the beautiful sciences (1935);
  8. Life portrait Pestalozzis (1939/1965);
  9. Conrad Ferdinand Meyers alive shape (1937/1965);
  10. Earlyred the Mysteriendichtung (1940);
  11. Mental homeland (1941);
  12. Krisis,Katharsis, therapy in the spirit life of the present (1944);
  13. Vorhut of the spirit (1945);
  14. Wiedergeburt of the beautiful sciences (1946);
  15. Mysterienflug (1948);
  16. Spirit realization/God love (1949);
  17. To the color windows of the Goetheanum (1953);
  18. Burning problems (1956);
  19. Seal as way to the inauguration (1960);

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