Albert Suckow

Albert baron von Suckow (* 13. December 1828 in Ludwigsburg; † 14. April 1893 in Baden-Baden) was a württembergischer lieutenant general and war Minister.

Albert Suckow was the son the 1863 deceased highest Karl von Suckow, that author of the military memories from the Napoleoni time: “From my soldier life” (Stuttg. 1863).

Suckow occurred in the Rhine federation time württembergische services. 1848 he became a second lieutenant of the artillery. 1861 it was entrusted as a captain with the line of the war school. 1866 it was as a major Militärbevollmächtigter in headquarters that Bavaria and participated as such at the armistice and peace negotiations with Prussia . Whereupon it became an aide of the war Minister v. Wagner, whom it supported during the introduction of the Prussian army system, then Colonels and quartermaster generals. To 24. March 1870 as major general and a boss of the war section made itself Albert Suckow high-earned around the organization of the württembergischen division and its addition and food supply during the war.

It became for it to 19. July 1870 to the lieutenant general and war Minister carries, when which it, several times into Prussian headquarters in France sent, who locked military convention with Prussia and the realm contracts. Albert Suckow received a donation from 300.000 Marks. Suckow took its parting to 1874 and lived in Baden-Baden. Against Arkolay (Streubel) it wrote the brochure “where to South Germany protection for its existence finds?” (Stuttg. 1869).


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