Alberta Watson

Alberta Watson (* 6. March 1955 in Toronto, Ontario; actually Faith Susan Alberta Watson) is a Canadian actress.

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Alberta Watson is well-known by their role than larva LINE in the TV serial Nikita. In addition it was to be seen in the fourth relay of the TV serial 24 in the role as a CTU boss Erin Driscoll on RTL II.

Alberta Watson is approx. 173 cm largely, has brown eyes and dark-brown hair. Their father is called Albert. Its nut/mother, Grace, was an however educator. Alberta Watson has also some half brothers and sisters. It left the school with 15 years and played as a dte rodent at a group of theatres and in television commercials also. Under the name Susan Watson embodied it their first roles in films. When it was 19 years old, their nut/mother at lymph node cancer deceased. 1978, at the age of 23 years, played Alberta Watson in the film in Praise OF Older Women along and called themselves now Alberta and no more Susan. 1981 with 26 years moved it into the USA to New York, where she took genes occasionally with Lasko play instruction. She worked in Los Angeles and New York for television productions and in films, approximately into uncanny power, Spanking the Monkey and hacker. 1996 separated it according to seven-year-olds marriage from its man and returned themselves alone to Toronto. Since that time it played in numerous films also, approximately into the sweet the other world. 1998, at the end of the second relay of Nikita, got sick it with the lymph nodes. Alberta Watson lives in Toronto, spends time in their house on the country and with their friend in the meantime of many years. It is a large Tierliebhaberin and possesses some cats and dogs. Alberta Watson writes also in the Internet on a unoffiziellen side, after she closed her earlier official web page.

Filmografie (selection)

  • 1978: Power Play
  • 1978: Desire on love (in Praise OF Older Women)
  • 1979: Stone Cold DEAD
  • 1980: Passengers (TV)
  • 1980: Overkill - by hell to the eternity (Fukkatsu NO rear)
  • 1980: Brides ( TV) was
  • 1981: Dirty ones cheat (to Dirty cheat)
  • 1981: Black Mirror
  • 1982: Revenge you, if you survive (Best Revenge)
  • 1982: The mercenary (The Soldier)
  • 1983: I at the A hotel (TV)
  • 1983: Uncanny power (The Keep)
  • 1985: Murder in space (TV)
  • 1985: Kane & Abel (mini series)
  • 1986 and 1989: The weapons of the law (Street legal) (consequence 1,6 „Tango Bellarosa “and 4,2 „partner and OTHER Strangers “)
  • 1986: Brightly zone - in the forecourt of hell (Women OF Valor) (TV)
  • 1986: Fortune Dane (TV serial)
  • 1987: The eye of the killer (White OF the Eye)
  • 1987: Bend James (TV serial)
  • 1989: Talk Earth, White Earth (TV)
  • 1989: Shannon - its heaviest case (Shannon's Deal) (TV)
  • 1989: Dr. Kulani - physician on Hawaii (Iceland Son) (TV serial)
  • 1990: Calamity on order (Destiny ton of order)
  • 1991: Hitman
  • 1992: Zebrahead
  • 1993: Relentless: Mind OF A killer (TV)
  • 1994: Spanking the Monkey
  • 1994: The Komplott of the murderers (Jonathan Stone: Threat OF Innocence) (TV)
  • 1995: Outer of limit - the unknown dimension (consequence 1,19 „house of the fright “)
  • 1995: Hacker - in the net FBI
  • of the 1995: Kidnapped and buried (A Child Is MISSING) (TV)
  • 1996: Burning doubt (Seeds OF Doubt)
  • 1996: The death kiss of the Cosa Nostra (Gotti) (TV)
  • 1996: Shoemaker (Shoemaker)
  • 1996: Sweet angel death (Sweet fishing rod mine)
  • 1996: Giant mine (TV)
  • 1997: The sweet the other world (The Sweet Hereafter)
  • 1997 - 2001: Nikita (La Femme Nikita) (TV serial) (with Peta Wilson, Roy Dupuis, Don Francks, Eugene Robert Glazer and Matthew Ferguson)
  • 1999: Opposite girls (The Girl NEXT Door) (TV)
  • 1999: The would run Before This
  • 2000: Longing (the Irish)
  • 2000: Deeply
  • 2001: Hedwig and the Angry inch
  • of 2001: After the Harvest (TV)
  • 2001: Chasing Cain
  • 2001: Jet set Kids (Tart)
  • 2001: The kind OF Woo
  • 2002: Chasing Cain: Face (TV)
  • 2002: Innocently condemns (Guilt by Association) (TV)
  • 2002: The game Dogs
  • 2003: MISSING - despairs searched (1-800-Missing) (in the pilot of this TV serial)
  • 2003: Choice: The Henry of morning valleys story (TV)
  • 2003: The giant (TV)
  • 2004: The Newsroom (TV serial)
  • 2004: The prince & I (The Prince & ME)
  • 2004: My Brother's Keeper
  • 2004: Irish Eyes
  • 2004: Some Things That Stay
  • 2004: Show ME Yours (TV serial)
  • 2005: 24 (in relay 4, with Kiefer Suez ago country)
  • 2005: Murder in the Hamptons (TV)


nominating for Gemini Awards

  • 1998: in the TV serial Nikita as larva LINE for the consequence „guidance change “(new regime) for the best achievement of an actress in a Nebenrolle in a dramatic series.
  • 2001: for after the Harvest for the best achievement of an actress in a main role in a drama or a mini series.
  • 2003: for Chasing Cain: Face for the best achievement of an actress in a main role in a drama or a mini series.
  • 2005: for Choice: The Henry of morning valleys story for the best achievement of an actress in a Nebenrolle in a drama or a mini series.

further prices

  • 1978: Nominating for in Praise OF Older Women for genius a Award as best Nebendarstellerin.
  • 1979: it won the price for Exposure as a best actress with the Yorkton Filmfestival for Kurzfilme.
  • 1997: it won a NBR Award for the best schauspielerische achievement of an ensemble as well as Ian cross-beam, Caerthan for the sweet the other world ( The Sweet Hereafter) bank, Sarah Polley, Tom McCamus, Gabrielle rose, Maury Chaykin, Stephanie morning star.
  • 1997: Nominating for Shoemaker for genius a Award as a best actress in a main role.

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