Alberto Spencer

Alberto Pedro Spencer Herrera (* 6. December 1937 in Ancón, province Guayas) is considered as the best Ecuadorian football player of all times. As a Stürmer of Peñarol Montevideo and sports club Barcelona de Guayaquil he with 54 gates between 1960 and 1972 are still record gate hunters of the Copa Libertadores.

Spencer is considered as one of the best South American soccer players of all times. Since it participated however in no world championship, it is to a large extent unknown in Europe.

It was born as one of 13 children of a worker family in an oil refinery location with Guayaquil. Its father originates from Jamaica (its grandfather was Englishman), its nut/mother is Ecuadorianerin.

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association football

1955 gave its debut in the Ecuadorian football on highest level to Spencer for Everest (Guayaquil). In this club also its older brother Marcos played. Its achievements as a gate hunter (101 gates in official portions for Everest) brought it into the Ecuadorian national team. it changed 1960 to Uruguay to Peñarol Montevideo, a South American point club, for which it played until 1971. In this time Peñarol became eight times uruguayischer master (1959 - the final game was delivered in March 1960 -, 1960, 1961, 1962, 1964, 1965, 1967, 1968), Spencer obtained in 519 league plays 326 gates.

It won three times the Copa Libertadores (1960, 1961, 1966). 1961 and 1966 won Spencer and its fellow players besides against Benfica Lisbon and/or. Material Madrid the world cup. 1960 lost it the final plays approximately material Madrid. Into that altogether seven final plays, in which Spencer participated, it obtained altogether six of the twelve gates of Peñarol, two against Benfica and four approximately material Madrid.

it changed and played 1971 back to Ecuador two years long for the Topklub Barcelona in Guayaquil. Here he became once Ecuadorian master and obtained in 17 meetings of the Copa Libertadores of six gates, which make him together with the 48 already existing (in 70 plays) for Peñarol the record gate hunter of this competition.

national teams

Alberto Spencer played more or less at the same time for the national teams of Uruguay and Ecuador. 1959 it debütierte in the Ecuadorian national team, since 1962 denied it unofficial international matches for Uruguay, official since 1964 , (among other things it obtained 1964 in the Wembley stadium the first gate for Uruguay against England at all). it played 1965 again for Ecuador, 1967 again for Uruguay and until again 1972 for Ecuador. Altogether it denied eleven official international matches for Ecuador (4 gates) and six for Uruguay (1 gate), although he was never uruguayischer citizen.


after the end of its career in the year 1973 it returned to Montevideo , where it lives since then. 1982 appointed it the Ecuadorian president at that time Osvaldo Hurtado the Consul General of Ecuador in Uruguay, an office that Spencer holds still.

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