Albin grey

Albin grey (* 22. December 1884 in Berlin; † 1971) were a German film producer, commercial artist and an author.

Albin grey studied Dresden at the academy of arts. Since beginning of the twenties it was active as Gestalter of film posters. Thus it made film production two years long for the Grete Ly - the posters and the advertisement. 1920 first contact with Friedrich William Murnau. It was responsible for the advertisement of the course into the night. In the year 1921 it produced the silent movie classical author Nosferatu. In the year 1923 that next classical author of German silent movie art: Shade. Here it was responsible for the idea, the buildings and the costumes. In the twenties it was as masters Pacitius director/conductor of the citizens of Berlin Loge of the Pansophia. To beginning of the thirties it brought the magazine out Saturn Gnosis .

In the film Shadow OF the Vampire from the year 2000, in which a fictitious history is told for the emergence by Nosferatu, plays Udo Kier the figure of the Albin grey.


  • Nosferatu - a Symphonie of having a horror (1921) - production, buildings, costumes, masks
  • shade - a nocturnal hallucination (1923) - idea, buildings, costumes
  • Pietro of the Korsar (1924) - buildings, costumes
  • the house of the lie (1925) - buildings
  • the twelfths hour - one night of having a horror (1930) - of buildings, costumes, masks

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