Albrecht Adam

the battle at November era (1858)

Albrecht Adam (* 16. April 1786 in Nördlingen; † 28. August 1862 in Munich) was a German battle painter.

Albrecht Adam went as Konditorgehilfe to Nuremberg and visited here the indication academy. The battle painter Johann Lorenz Rugendas put the germ in the boy to his later inclination. Since 1809 we find it as spectators with the enormous battles at that time as a result Austrian and Bavarian army leaders, in particular the duke of light mountain.

1812 he went along with the duke of light mountain to Russia. From here in December 1812 under large dangers returned to Munich, he went to Italy, where he stayed until 1815, implemented themselves then in Munich a set of battle pictures from the last wars and published a lithographic splendour work in 120 sheets under the title: Voyage pittoresque et militaire, likewise battle scenes containing.

Later king Ludwig von Bayern employed it. Among other things Adam for the flank hall of the royal residence painted the battle in Munich to the Moskwa. In the year 1848/49 he took part in the campaign in Italy, whose result the paintings of the battles of November era and Custozza are in the new Pinakothek under Radetzky. Its last work was the battle at anger village for the Maximilianeum in Munich.

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