Albrecht Alcibiades of Brandenburg Kulmbach

Albrecht Alcibiades of Brandenburg Kulmbach, (* 28. March 1522 in Ansbach; † 8. January 1557 in Pforzheim) was son of the Mark count Kasimir and since 1527 officially Mark count von Brandenburg Kulmbach. As long as it was under age, its uncle governed George the pious one for it until 1541. It kept its surname Alcibiades referring from future generations to the athenischen statesman (450-404 v. Chr.). During lifetimes its surname was “Bellator”.

Although even Protestant fought, to Albrecht in the Schmalkaldi war (1546 /47) as a mercenary - and rider leaders on imperial side. In the year 1551 he took part in the prince conspiracy (prince rebellion) of the cure prince Moritz of Saxonia and obtained themselves for this the contract of Chambord with king Heinrich II., on which as tribute the transfer of the border dioceses Toul , Metz and Verdun in the Elsass and Lorraine were assured to this. Later it went again to emperor Karl V. over.

In the second Mark count war it attacks Nuremberg as well as the Frankish and rheinischen bishops with the goal a duchy Franconia under the rule of the Hohenzollern particularly to create. The war was led by it with extreme brutality and devastated particularly in Franconias far areas. After Nuremberg had resulted and Albrecht Bamberg, as well as Forchheim had occupied, forced he the bishops from peppering castle and Bamberg to enormous payments. In the year 1553 defeated itself it a union of German princes under Moritz of Saxonia, to also the brother of the emperor Ferdinand I. took part, in the battle when they verse living. The commander in chief of the bundesständischen army in such a way specified, Moritz of Saxonia died at a ball, which overtook him in this battle. Homeland the Albrechts in Franconias became devastate, yard, Bayreuth and Kulmbach came up still 1553 in flames. The Plassenburg, residence and national fortress of the Frankish Hohenzollern were besieged to June 1554. Albrecht was outlawed after its last battle in the year 1554. Its Residenzstadt Kulmbach became at the “Konraditag”, that 26. November 1553 completely destroys. Albrecht fled to relatives after Pforzheim, where he lived up to his death.


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