Albrecht VI. (Austria)

Albrecht VI. (* 18. December 1418 in Vienna; † 2. December 1463 in Vienna) was duke of Austria from the sex of the having citizens.

He was son of duke Ernst and Cymburgis von Masowien. 1446 he became a regent of the Vorlande. To the death of Ladislaus Postumus came it 1457 to the conflict with his brother, emperor Friedrich III., around the inheritance. Starting from 1458 it governed Austria whether the Enns (upper Austria) and received after the FE storage Friedrichs and its family in the Viennese castle 1462 also the regency from Austria under the Enns (Lower Austria) awarded. After its death 1463 Friedrich was recognized as a duke of Austria.

see also: List of the Mark counts and dukes of Austria in the Middle Ages


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