Aldo Moro

Aldo Moro before its death 1978
Aldo Moro in shank

Aldo Moro (* 23. September 1916; † 9. May 1978) was an Italian, Christian-democratic politician of the 1960er and 1970er years.


he was from 1963 to 1968 and again from 1974 to 1976 an Italian Prime Minister and thus the longest acting head of the government Italiens after that 2. World war.

Into the 1970er years was Moro one of the largest proponents of the historical compromise (Compromesso Storico). Into it it concerned to Enrico Berlinguer by the boss of the communist party of Italy ( PCI) suggested a solidarity pact between the PCI and the Democrazia Cristiana, in order to solve the problem of the economic crisis.

Aldo Moro became to 16. March 1978 of the link-erroristic red brigades (Brigate Rosse) kidnaps. To 9. May 1978 it was found after 55-tägiger captivity as a hostage dead in the via Caetani, in the city center of Rome, in the trunk of a car. Mario Moretti, which leaders of the red brigades, had it with 11 shots murdered, after the demands of the RB-terrorists had not been fulfilled after release of arrested convicition comrades.

Around background and circumstances of the kidnapping and murder Moros climb speculations. There are referring to participation starting from 1976 now no more Freimaurerloge be-ends Geheimloge propaganda Due and from Gladio, the mafia, the US secret service CIA and also political opponent within its own party, the Democrazia Cristiana, in particular Giulio Andreotti. Interest in the removal Moros, because of its political concessions to the Italian communists is subordinated to these groupings.

The 1986 developed feature „IL caso Aldo Moro (I giorni dell'ira) “[the affair Aldo Moro (the days of the anger)] from director Giuseppe Ferrara supplies, including original film material, an exciting reconstruction of the events from the kidnapping to the murder, which throws also a critical light on the political class at that time of Italy. 2003 supplied director Marco Bellocchio with „Buongiorno, notte “a further treatment of the material, which adheres however less to the historical facts. By renaming participant Protagonisten - up to the figure Moros - and also by means of dream sequences the film tries to imaginieren an alternative process of the events.


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