Alexander Kwaśniewski

Alexander Kwaśniewski with an attendance in the white house in February 2005

Alexander Kwaśniewski Tondokument ? / License (* 15. November 1954 in Białogard, Poland) was the 3. President of the third republic of Poland.

Kwaśniewski belonged already in that Polish People's Republic of the government as youth Ministers (1985 to 1987 ) and was promoted on of Wojciech Jaruzelski. In the phase of the paging from the communist People's Republic to today's parliamentary-democratic Poland it took on government side at the top plate discussions with thatTrade union Solidarność part.

From 1990 to 1995 he was a chairman of the “ex” along-created by him - communist, social-democratic SdRP, which followed 1991 the Wahlbündnis SLD. it could intersperse 1995 in the presidency elections against Lech Wałęsa and is since that 23. December 1995 president of Poland. In the year 2000 it was red-elect with limited majority in the first ballot for a second term of office.

With its withdrawal from the SdRP 1995 he raises the requirement to represent all Poland cross-party. It is marriedwith Jolanta Kwaśniewska, which enjoyed large popularity as roofridge lady of Poland.

Kwaśniewski led Poland 1999 into NATO and 2004 into the European Union, it is considered as friend and allying the US president George W. Bush. In addition, (e) he maintainsparticularly good relations with the presidents of the Polish neighboring countries Valdas Adamkus (Lithuania), Rudolf shoemaker (Slowakei) and Václav Havel (Tschechien). Excellently relations between Kwaśniewski and Leonid Kutschma was, at least until 2004. Kwaśniewski was duringthe crisis in the Ukraine in November 2004 together with the litauischen president Adamkus an important mediator between the conflict parties.

Despite the large popularity in inquiries (approx. 65-75%) it is disputed as a president (particularly within the range home policy). Kwaśniewski blocked for examplesocial reforms of the civil government of Jerzy Buzek, z. B. Administrative reform (2001 nevertheless into force stepped), tax revision or denationalization law. Kwaśniewski was also accused that he play down corruption in Poland. After different affairs he saw himself forced, large partsto dismiss its closest coworkers.

Alexander Kwaśniewski is called as one of the candidates for the follow-up of Kofi Annan as a UN-Secretary-General and of Jaap de Hoop Scheffer as a NATO Secretary-General. After the elections of 2005 it steps to 23. December 2005back, since the condition does not permit a third term of office.

election results in presidency elections

  • 1995: 51,7% (2. Ballot)
  • 2000: 53,9% (1. To ballot)

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