Alexander pole

Alexander pole (* 23. February 1935) is a German sociologist.

He put the Abitur down at the Hamburg Christianeum , studied Rome anise TIC, Germanistik, Slavistik into Munich, Lausanne, Paris and Kiel and, after the exam as Assessor of the teaching profession, sociology at the University of Hamburg, where he assistant of the Schelsky - pupil Janpeter Kob became, and since 1974 as a professor of the sociology works (emeritiert 2000). Mental strongly of Ferdinand sound-sneeze affected, based it at Institut for sociology of the University of Hamburg Ferdinand Tönnies working premises (since 2003 under the direction of Rolf Fechner at the alps Adria university complaint ford) and is co-editor of the Ferdinand sound-sneeze total expenditure, 1998ff. There it gave 2002 together with Rolf Fechner and Rainer Wassner the volume 14: Criticism of the public opinion out.

It is considered to its current sphere of activity as a founder of the mark sociology as basis of the mark technology. He is joint founder 1993 developed “Institut for mark technology Geneva”, the international restaurant consultation for strategic and operational mark guidance. There it is member of the board of directors. As ehem. He holds today guest lectures for guest professor at the Collège de France and the University of Zurich to the restaurant economics at the University of pc. Petersburg. As a senior editor yearbook mark technology (1995ff.) it is considerably involved in the development of mark-technical bibliography. (See in addition: Mark technology). Languages: English one, Franz., soot., splinter


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