Alexander Demandt

Alexander Demandt (* 1937 in Marburg) is a German old historian and culture scientist.

Demandt studied history and latin philology in Tübingen, Munich and Marburg. It attained a doctorate 1964 about time criticism and historical picture with Ammianus Marcellinus. Training orders followed in Frankfurt/Main and Konstanz. 1970 it habilitierte in Konstanz about Magister militum.

Demandt is since 1974 a professor for old person history at the Friedrich Meinecke institute of the free University of Berlin. Its main point of work lies in the range of the Roman world and in late ancient times, in additionconcerns itself it with the phenomenon of the fall in history, Kulturvandalismus, historical theory, historical philosophy and science history. Its last lecture in the office it held by 14. July 2005.

Works in selection

  • 2005: Filters seals. Essay to culture history, Böhlau, Cologne, ISBN 3-412-20305-X
  • 2003: Small world history. Whole world history in a volume, C. H. Beck, Munich, ISBN 3-406-50821-9
  • 2002: Time and wrong time. Historicalphilosophical essays (Historica Minora 2), Cologne
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  • 2000: Great moments of history, C. H. Beck, Munich, ISBN 3-406-46649-4
  • 1999: Hands in innocence. Pontius Pilatus in history, Böhlau, Cologne, ISBN 3-412-01799-X
  • 1999: Places of the spirit. Large universities of Europe from the antique one to the present, Cologne
  • 1998: The Celts, Munich (Beck' sche row knowledge 101), ISBN 3-406-43301-4
  • 1998: History of late ancient times, Munich
  • 1997: Vandalismus. Force against culture, Berlin: Settler, ISBN 3-88680-624-3
  • 1997: The end that world realms (as a publisher)
  • 1997: History of history. Science-historical essays (Historica Minora 1), Cologne
  • 1996: The private life of the Roman emperors
  • 1995: With strangers live, Munich
  • 1995: Antique systems of government, Berlin
  • 1993: The ideal state, Cologne
  • 1993: End time?, Berlin
  • 1992: Theodor Mommsen. Roman emperor history, Munich
  • 1990: Of Germany borders in thatHistory, Munich
  • 1989: Power and right. Large processes in history, Munich
  • 1989: Late ancient times, Munich (manual of the antiquity science)
  • 1984: Undone history, Goettingen
  • 1984: The case of Rome, Munich
  • 1978: Metaphors for history, Munich

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