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Alexander Heimann (* 27. June 1937 in Ferenberg with Berne, † 28. May 2003 in Berne) was a Swiss crime film author. Heimann lived as writer and a bookseller in Berne.

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Alexander Heimann was born 1937 in Ferenberg with Berne and was by its parents, which writer Erwin Heimann and the youth book authoress Gertrud heating man preloaded, literarily. After its theory as booksellers it remained faithful for the publishing trade up to its early retirement in the year 2001 and worked in London, Paris and Berne.

Heimann published its first detective story Lisi in the year 1980, which was promoted immediately to large success and was filmed under the title Lisi and the general (1987). Should filters further detective stories, several narrations as well as radio plays and further special books follow.

For its novel December foehn (1996) received Alexander Heimann 1997 the German crime film price. But “for those I do not exist to Swiss culture commissions “, thus Heimann in an interview with that Swiss boulevard newspaper view (24. January 1997). “The crime film does not rank for it in the broadest sense among the trivial literature and for gives it literary awards.

All the more that could be pleased Swiss author about the Huldigung from Germany. 2002 were distinguished again Alexander Heimann with the German crime film price for its novel nut/mother day (2001), which had appeared already to Swiss daily paper first as continuation novel in that the federation. Heimanns literature was characterised by the proximity to the everyday life, the precise description the psychological representation of often lonely figures skillful by landscapes and environment, and by the installation course of the dialect into the high-German text.

On Wednesday, 28. May 2003, died Alexander Heimann after long illness in Berne. The outstanding author, who was considered as untiring fighters to the acknowledgment of the crime film category, became 66 years old.



German crime film price

  • 1997 1. Place (national) for December foehn
  • 2001 1. Place (national) for nut/mother day

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