Alexander Mr.

Alexander gentleman (* 4. October 1978 in ford cheeks) is a German ski Springer. It completed the ski boarding school ford cheeks.

Gentleman began already at the age of four years with the ski jumping. Its first large success celebrated he 1993 with the profit the bronze medal of normaldig with the junior world championship in the Czech Harrachov.

Since the winter 1994/95 gentleman belongs to the national team of the German ski federation . In January 1999 it jumped with the Worldcup - ski jumping in the Swiss Engelberg for the first time on a place under the best ten. 2001 it became with the Nordi ski world championship in Lahti crew world champion when jumping largedigs together with Sven Hannawald, Martin Schmitt and Michael the clock man. In the team jumping of normaldig won it the bronze medal and was with its placements in the single competitions (seventh of largedig, 16. of normaldig) secondarybest Springer of the team. In this season it achieved its so far best placement in the total valuation of the four-digging tour also with rank 17.

To a period of reduced circumstances without considerable successes, while which it was back-gradated even in the Kontinentalcup, only its performance curve pointed again upward starting from that the season 2003/04. After two sieved and a sixth place with the Weltcupspringen in the Liberec, Willingen and Lahti, he achieves his up to then best placement with the Worldcup in Kuopio with the third place.

To the season prelude 2004/05 to 27. November 2004 occupied gentleman with the Weltcupspringen in Kuusamo behind the Finn Janne Ahonen place 2. In second jumping later it handed one day only to rank 9.

In the same season it with a heavy fall the cross volume tore likewise, whereupon its season was terminated.

To 15. January 2006 succeeded to it with the Skiflug WM with the German team a sensation: Gentleman and its crew comrade George Späth, Michael clock man and Michael Neumayer got themselves the Bronzemedallie. Gentleman succeeded on this day its first flight over 200 meters.

With the olympic winter plays 2006 in Turin gentleman reached when jumping normaldigs the weakest result of the German team, why before nominating for large digging jumping an elimination with substitute Martin Schmitt was intended. Gentleman was about three jumps before Schmitt, but he thereby by a not rule-conformal jump suit thereby was favoured so that a further elimination was set, where then Schmitt lay in front. After this was then nominated by coach of the national team Peter Rohwein, gentleman stepped after the decision with the words „ that is briefly a laughter number, those the authority of the coach shows “ before the camera. It thereupon taken from the ski jump olympia team. Few days later it explained not to want to jump from now at no more in the national team of the DSV.

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