Alexander Hood, 1. Viscount Bridport

Alexander Hood,
1st Viscount Bridport,
of Lemuel Francis Abbott. 1795

Sir Alexander Hood, 1. Viscount Bridport OF Cricket pc. Thomas (* 1726; † 1814) were an admiral of the British Royal Navy and branch of the famous sailor family Hood.


he was the second son of Samuel Hood, the Vikar of Butleigh in Somerset, and younger brother of admiral Samuel Hood, 1. Viscount Hood.

Alexander Hood joined the navy at the age of 14 years. 1756 to the captain carried it participated 1759 in the process of the seven-year-old of war in the sea-battle of Quiberon . 1761 it conquered a French liner with a frigate - from one as position which can be designated offering no prospects -. 1778 it participated in the sea-battle with Quessant . 1780 more wurder it countering admiral, and 1787 Vizeadmial. In the sea-battle to 13. Prairial (English: ) It served Glorious roofridge OF June under lord Howe as a squadron leader. For its employment during this battle he was raised to the baron. it triumphed to 1795 over the Frenchmen under Villaret de Joyeuse in the sea-battle with the Île de Groix. It succeeded to take 3 French liners. But Hood, which had broken the battle off prematurely, within the navy accused so a larger victory to have missed. From 1795 to 1800 it kommandierte the channel fleet and led thereby the blockade of Brest.


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