Alexander III. (Russia)

Alexander III. Alexandrowitsch (Russian Александр III Александрович; * 26. February 10. March 1845 in pc. Petersburg; † 20. October 1. November 1894 in Liwadija with Krim) from the house Romanow Holstein Gottorp was of 2.March 14. March 1881 up to its death of Russian Zar.

Alexander III.
Alexander III.

Alexander III. the second son of Alexander was II. of Russia and its first wife Maximiliane of Hessen darmstadt. Since that 28. October 1866 was it with Dagmarfrom Denmark marries, which gave him the following children:

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the murder Alexanders II. pursued the next two Zaren asGhost. Thus the new Zar with its family pulled into a well guarded high safety lock into the Peter citizen suburb Gatschina.

Alexander III. believed not in a revolution and loved no reforms. It main headers almost all liberalisation suggestions of its father up, although itthe body characteristic again to introduce could not. It extended the powers of the police, and increasingly more Anarchisten, Populisten us socialist revolutionaries short hand to Siberia were deportiert. Gradually so the enmity of all classes in Russia tightened itself. Again everywhere that flickeredTerror up.

1887 escaped Alexander II. only scarcely an assassination attempt. 1898 took place on its initiative the opening of the “Russian museum “. During its rule Russia experienced the age of the industrialization.

With regard to foreign policy Russia under its rule hadTo register land gains in central Asia and in the far east at the Pacific. During its 13jährigen rule developed the Trans-Siberian railroad line, the largest of the world, which connected the European part of Russia with its east areas. To Alexanders death 1894 went the Zarenthronto its oldest son Nikolaus II.


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Note:Doubled dataare first of all indicated in accordance with Julian calendar, which in Russia up to the October Revolution 1917 applied, secondly in accordance with in the west since that 16. /18. Jh. used Gregorian calendar. See also: Wikipedia: Name conventions/cyrillic

Alexander II.
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Nikolaus II.


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